Miss Watson’s First Scandal by Heather Boyd


Miss Watson's First Scandal

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Overworked London banker David Hawke has two goals for his week in the seaside town of Brighton: one, demand repayment of a debt without losing a valued friendship and two, relax for the remaining holiday without further distractions—except he encounters his friend’s newly confident younger sister. Abigail Watson is flirty, bold, and determined David will agree to her bargain and save her brother from debtor’s prison. But is her game to prevent him from calling in the debt, or are her sweet kisses a sign she is after a much greater prize instead?

Publisher and Release Date: LLD Press, July 2, 2013

RHL Classifications:
Time and Setting: Regency England
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance novella
Heat Level:2
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Lee Anne

Miss Watson’s First Scandal is a short, light and fun read. It seems Miss Watson’s dear brother Peter has run the family into debt. As a result their good friend and banker David Hawke must evict them from their house. Miss Watson sets out to find an heiress for her brother to marry and save them from ruin. What Miss Watson finds instead is passion for herself.

This is a pretty short novella, about 99 pages and it was an easy, fun read. Miss Watson is bold for a woman of her station and time. She does things no woman in her right mind would ever dream of doing. She does it with confidence and without shame.

The characters surrounding Miss Watson and Mr. Hawke are humorous. None of them are exactly what you think they are. This leads to some interesting and humorous discussion.

This is the first in the Miss Mayhem series and I’m looking forward to more of them!

**At the time of the review, this book was available from Amazon for $2.99**


I am a happily married mother of three very busy children.  Most of my time is spent chauffeuring my kids to their various activities. I cram reading into any spare moment I have. Some days I can have an hour or two and others I’m sneaking in quick reads while waiting on the kids to finish their soccer or gymnastics practice. I like to read a wide variety of genres but I definitely prefer romance. I can’t really pinpoint a favorite author as it changes on a regular basis. I absolutely love finding new authors and giving their stories a chance to be heard. We all have a voice in our heads writing stories and those voices should be given a chance to be heard.


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