What happens when a rebel meets a runaway? He’s not looking for love… Confirmed bachelor Theo Cavanagh is dashing and free-spirited. Not for him a career in the clergy, the military or politics – he’s more interested in wine and horses. But when Theo happens upon a pretty but thoroughly exasperating young fugitive, he soon finds himself caught up in her adventures, and in a passion that can’t be denied. She has to search her heart…  Unconventional Sophie Devereux is more comfortable climbing trees than the social ladder. An audacious escape from scheming relatives is only the start of Sophie’s mission to achieve a long-held dream, but Sophie carries a secret that inspires hatred, envy and greed. She can’t outrun the danger that stalks her, or her powerful response to Theo which leaves Sophie shaken to the core and questioning her deepest, most enduring desire.

RHL Classifications:

Historical Romance

Regency Era

Rating 3.5

Heat rating 1

Reviewed by Lady Blue

Our heroine, Sophie, is unconventional indeed.  She is orphaned, and living with an unpleasant aunt, who is coercing Sophie into marrying her equally unpleasant son, Sophie’s cousin.  As she is always watched, Sophie escapes by hiding in a tree, and then literally dropping down onto our hero’s wagon.  She convinces Theo to take her to London, and thus begins our journey.

Of course they develop an attraction toward each other, but Theo is taking her to the home of her childhood friend, who promised to marry her years ago.  He drops her off, and goes on his way.

The title of the book refers to a family heirloom, which Sophie (unwisely) announces to all and sundry that she has removed from safekeeping and now has in her possession.  It turns out the evil cousin is even more wicked than we thought.  He and his aunt continue to scheme to force Sophie to marry him.  Sophie’s childhood friend is now engaged to another.  What’s a girl to do?

This story takes place in 1817, and many of the actions weren’t consistent with accepted behavior of the time, but that is part of Sophie’s unconventionality.  The book felt almost like a young adult book, as opposed to a straight regency.  This was an amusing, light read.  In addition to our hero, Theo, there was a secondary character, Luc, who was a very intriguing man who also gets his own happily-ever-after.

 This book is currently available for $2.99 on Kindle.


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