A Lady Most Lovely by Jennifer Delamere



Socialite Margaret Vaughn is the wealthiest heiress in London—or so everybody thinks. Saddled with debt left by her father, she agrees to marry a rich man who can save her family’s estate. But when her fiancé turns out to be just another poor social climber, Margaret faces financial ruin—and social humiliation. Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds an unlikely angel in Tom Poole . . .

After amassing a fortune in the gold fields of Australia and surviving a harrowing shipwreck, Tom Poole is the toast of London society. Yet despite his newfound fame, he’s never forgotten his own humble beginnings. When he learns of Margaret’s plight, he offers her financial assistance—but his interest is not strictly business. Taken with her beauty and grace, the rugged adventurer wants nothing more than to win Margaret’s heart. But can he convince the proper, refined lady that, despite their social differences, they are a match made in heaven?

Publisher and Release Date: Forever, September 24, 2013

Time and Setting: London, England mid-1800s
Genre: Christian Romance
Heat Level: 1
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Sabrina

Tom Poole is an unpolished man from humble beginnings who is trying really hard to fit into the lifestyle he now finds himself a part of. The events of A Lady Most Lovely begin at a party that Tom is attending. Already uncomfortable in his current setting, Tom is finding it difficult to maintain proper etiquette. As an object of curiosity to most of the ton, Tom is growing irritated by the many questions posed to him. His only interest is gaining an introduction to “the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen” Miss Margaret Vaughn. It is love at first sight for our Tom, but unfortunately for him, he learns this very party is Margaret’s engagement celebration. This does not stop his intent to meet Miss Vaughn, however, and introductions are made. From this brief meeting Tom senses things aren’t quite right with the betrothed couple and is convinced Margaret is not marrying the right man. Of course he wants to fill this role himself and has no qualms about setting a course to see just what his chances are.

Things move pretty fast in this story and after Margaret ends her engagement to Paul, Tom learns of her troubles and offers both financial and emotional support. Having really no other choice, Margaret agrees.

Margaret was a character that I was really quite fond of. She was desperate, but sharp and despite all going on around her kept her goals in focus. Tom, on the other hand, generated mixed feelings from me. He was gracious enough with his money and genuinely cared for Margaret, but I found him often heavy-handed when dealing with certain matters. Not necessarily the right way to woo the woman you claim to love. Yet, despite this, Tom is a really nice guy and keeping his faith at the forefront, prays to be the man Margaret needs and wants. I was exclaiming my own amen when it was finally pointed out to Tom that he didn’t necessarily handle things in the best way. I really think he had no clue of his offense and therefore, he grew on me and eventually I forgave him.

Not having read the first book, I still found it was very easy to follow the back-story of Tom Poole and his sister. I think the only disadvantage was not understanding Tom’s strong desire to keep his sister’s past from being revealed. Or maybe, why he felt it was his responsibility to keep it hidden. The cost to him and his own relationship seemed extremely high.

Overall, I believe this to be a wonderfully sweet, faith-inspired romance that I truly enjoyed. I found immense satisfaction in the ending and couldn’t keep myself from smiling.


I have been an avid reader since I was very young and over the last couple of years have become obsessed with historical fiction. I love to learn while reading and tend to enjoy books that revolve around real events and/or characters. Working full-time and then coming home to my husband and 4 young boys it isn’t often I have a lot of “me” time, but there is always a book waiting for me to escape into. It is a fantastic feeling of getting lost in a book; a passion that I am happily instilling into my children.

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