A LADY’S PLEASURE by Robin Schone



Lady Abigail Wynfred escapes to a seaside cottage to bid her dreams farewell before marrying a staid English lord to please her family. Colonel Robert Coally convalesces in a nearby cottage to recuperate from a battle wound before returning to the Boer Wars. When a storm strikes, Robert takes refuge with Abigail. He has seen too much death. She has experienced too much loneliness. They vow to fulfill each others fantasies until the storm ends. But passion, they discover, is as unpredictable and life-altering as the elements …

RHL Classifications

Late Victorian Era

Historical Romance

Heat level 3 (Erotic)

Review rating 5 stars/top pick

 Review by Emery

While I am not a big fan of “erotica” per se, I do enjoy  erotic  romance, especially in a historical setting. I do, however, hold these stories to the same standard I set for anything else I read –  the story must be well written, well researched, and emotionally compelling.  Robin Schone strikes this perfect balance where many other erotic romances fail. I found this story  emotionally riveting from the very start. The opening scene:


It filled the storm, pounding and striking the night sky. it filled the stranger, fueling and stoking a burning lust.

For a woman.

A woman who knew more of life than surviving one day at a time.

A woman with kindness and passion.

A woman who would share with him her soul as well as her body.

A woman who, perhaps, could give him back his own soul.

Similar to The Lady’s Tutor, the first Schone title I ever read, the author addresses the sexual repression of women in the Victorian era, and heroines who secretly balk the society that imprisons them in order to know intimacy and sexual passion.

In A Lady’s Pleasure, the heroine, Lady Abigail Wynfred, is a virgin spinster who secretly reads erotica to compensate for her lackluster life. She is also fast approaching her thirtieth birthday and has given up on any hope of finding the passionate love she still craves. Resigned to accept a loveless society marriage rather than none at all, she takes a vacation to an isolated seaside cottage to mourn her dreams before burying them altogether.

Colonel Robert Coally has spent twenty two of his thirty five years killing. Although long battle hardened, he now fears for his own mortality after being wounded. While convalescing at a remote seaside cottage, he realizes he has never truly known a woman’s passion, something he desperately wishes to experience before he dies. Fate, in the form of a violent storm, sends him seeking refuge at Abigail’s cottage, where in one night, these two unhappy souls find the balm they most need in one another. The sexual encounters are explicit and erotic but also romantic and essential to the characters’ respective journeys.

Highly recommended for those seeking a beautifully written, emotionally satisfying, and super steamy read.

This title is currently available in e-book for $2.99


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  1. Enjoyed your review, Emery!

    I bought A Lady’s Pleasure last week. I don’t read very much erotica but Robin Schone is one of a select number of authors of historical erotic romance whose work I really enjoy. Her characters are so complex and her stories have such emotional intensity.

      • I agree with you Emery about Charlotte Featherstone and I loved Addicted too. I’ve also started reading Kate Pearce’s House of Pleasure/Simply series. At times I find myself well out of my comfort zone but her stories and characters are so compelling that I have to keep reading.

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