An Uncertain Destiny by Jannine Gallant


uncertain destint

Haunting visions have plagued Megan Pendrake for years, a dire promise of a turbulent future. When Megan and her brother are forced to flee England aboard a ship bound for the colonies, trouble looms. In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts is a hotbed of suspicion and persecution where the mere hint of witchcraft is a death sentence. Remaining in Salem is courting disaster, but Megan’s heart won’t allow her to leave the man she has grown to love.

Nicholas Thayer is mesmerized by the beautiful, unconventional young woman who boards his ship posing as a cabin boy. But his future is predetermined, including a fiancée waiting for him at home. When Megan faces inconceivable peril, Nicholas must make the ultimate choice between family and faith or a love he can’t deny. But will he be able to save them both from An Uncertain Destiny?

Publisher and Release Date: May 2014

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: Salem, Massachusetts, 1692
Genre: Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Heat Level: 1
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Sabrina

Megan Pendrake has always possessed the second-sight which her grandmother calls a gift and her brother, Duncan thinks a nuisance. Not being able to read them properly Megan’s visions only confuse her and leave her both physically and emotionally drained. Having seen bleak glimpses into her future she isn’t surprised when she and her brother have to flee England, but they have no idea of the turmoil they are heading towards as they sail to Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692.

Our adventure starts when Duncan secures employment for himself and his “younger brother” aboard Nicholas Thayer’s ship. While Megan carries herself admirably as a young boy, an incident takes place rather early in the voyage that reveals her secret. Nicholas is not pleased to find he has a lady on board, but does everything in his power to keep Megan safe and busy. Throughout the journey they become close as they work together. It’s clear they admire each other, but Nicholas is betrothed to another and they respect each other enough to maintain an emotional distance.

Despite doing everything she can to fit in, you can imagine how hard it would be for someone like Megan to conform to the rigid constraints of Salem’s inhabitants – especially when so many are hard pressed to find ‘witches’ amongst the townspeople. Nathan feels somewhat responsible for Duncan and Megan’s safety, having brought them to Salem knowing what it’s like. He tries his best to help them get situated and comfortable with the town. We are introduced to a wonderful set of secondary characters in Nathan’s family and friends and I was pleased to see how close the family was.

I will admit; reading a book that I know revolves around horrific events makes me quite anxious from the start. It was so easy for me to yell “no, don’t say that” or “run, now’s the time to RUN!!” But this was a well written story that made me aware of the townspeople’s desperation and accuser’s anger. I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of turns taken by the story, but was concerned for a while that I wasn’t going to have the ending I craved. This book, with its beautiful cover, kept me engaged in Megan’s story and I just couldn’t put it down.


I have been an avid reader since I was very young and over the last couple of years have become obsessed with historical fiction. I love to learn while reading and tend to enjoy books that revolve around real events and/or characters. Working full-time and then coming home to my husband and 4 young boys it isn’t often I have a lot of “me” time, but there is always a book waiting for me to escape into. It is a fantastic feeling of getting lost in a book; a passion that I am happily instilling into my children.

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  1. I read and reviewed An Uncertain Destiny,” and must say I agree with this reviewer. The book was a page-turner full of history of a desperate time in our early national life. Well don, Ms. Gallant!

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