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San Francisco saloon owner Cera Cassidy offers redemption to any woman looking for honest work. At Cera’s Place, men can get a decent hot meal with a whiskey, but if they want anything more, they have to take their desires elsewhere. One summer night, a distraught Chinese girl bursts through the swinging doors with a shocking tale of murder, kidnapping, and prostitution. Outraged, Cera vows to set things right.

Jake Tanner, a scarred ex-soldier haunted by the horrors of the Civil War, is on a mission to fulfill a friend’s dying wish. The trail has brought him to Cera’s door. Captivated by her Irish beauty, he wants to join her fight – but will she let him?

RHFL Classifications:

19th Century

American Frontier

Heat Level: 2

Rating: Four Stars

Review By: Elizabeth English

The book is set in the American Frontier, a time period that I find myself reading a lot more lately. Didn’t realize how interesting it is and how much stuff really went on around that. Then again that’s what happens when you stick around in British time periods but I’m getting away from the story. The story is about Cera Cassidy, who runs the only respectable saloon in the area. Cera is a very strong woman and won’t let anyone into her life besides her girls and the two men in her life whom she has known for many years. That is until Jake Tanner saunters into her saloon and she can’t help but be lured to this mysterious Captain from the Civil War.

The plot is a simple one with a lot of twists and turns though they are not hard to keep up with. The one thing that you have to remember is that this book pretty much takes place in a matter of, I’d say about a week maybe even up to two. Because of that it doesn’t make the story all the believable. Especially since it takes so long for mail to travel and they reach places really quickly. It is solid though, Cassidy is a hard nosed Irish Woman, who has been scorned and wants to help people. This time instead of helping out another saloon girl, she wants to try to figure out why Chinese girls are disappearing and how crimes against Chinese are being covered up.

Not a small task, but with her new love Jake helping her it makes it easier. Jake’s tormented by his Civil War past and just like Cera’s scorned past stops them from time to time to get to what they both want. Jake and Cera have nice chemistry and play well off of each other leading to some nice love scenes between the two after their walls are finally broken down.

The history in the novel is pretty generic. American West, Saloon life and the such. The biggest part though is the plight of Chinese slavery of girls in California. At the end of the novel there is a nice prologue which includes the law prohibiting slavery of the Chinese.

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