Published by Berkley Sensation, 2004


Returning home to the Scottish Highlands after battling the English, Tayg Munro receives a hero’s welcome—and a shocking ultimatum. In order to take his place as heir to the chiefdom of Culrain, he must choose a wife within the month or have one chosen for him. Angered by his family’s decree, Tayg delays the inevitable by volunteering for a mission for the king that takes him deep into the Highlands. Preoccupied by his marital obligation, the brooding warrior sets out with no hint of the fateful encounter that awaits him…

Catriona MacLeod is known throughout the Highlands as the Shrew of Assynt, thanks to her razor-sharp tongue and her unwillingness to yield to her five brothers. When she’s told that her eldest brother has promised her hand in marriage to a man she has good reason to hate, she flees into the Scottish wilderness, determined to seek the king’s intervention in her plight. When she reluctantly joins forces with a handsome traveler, she cannot anticipate the treacherous plot that will soon embroil them—nor the passion that will ignite between them.


Historical Romance

Scottish Historical

Heat Level 2

Review Rating: 5 Stars


Review by Suzan Tisdale:

Charming the Shrew is one of the very first Historical Romance novels that I ever read. This is the book that made me fall in love with Scottish Historical Romances and it is also one of the main reasons I write in this genre.

Laurin Wittig weaves a beautiful Scottish Highlander love story, filled with danger, intrigue, and romance. This is not a bodice ripper and that is probably why I loved it so much.

Our hero, Tayg Munro, is more than just another hunky highlander. He has a deep soul and a good heart. He has a strong sense of right vs. wrong. He’s the kind of hero you can’t help but love. He isn’t brooding or dark and I loved that about him. He isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet, but the threat of his mother choosing a spouse for him is a risk he isn’t quite ready to take. In order to forestall the inevitable however, he sets off on one last mission for the king. It is this mission that sets events into place where he meets Catriona and yes, eventually he falls head over heals in love with her.

I like the fact that they weren’t tumbling in the hayloft by chapter two. This story builds and it builds beautifully!

Catriona is known as the shrew of Assynt. Though people might think she is a cold woman, a sharp-tongued shrew, the truth is just the opposite. For her own survival — on various levels — she has to portray herself as uncaring, hard, and unyielding. If you had a father and brothers like this girl, you’d probably end up behaving like her as well.

I adored Catriona’s character. She is a strong willed woman and yes, at times, she has a very sharp tongue. But over the course of the story, she learns to temper it and lets down those protective walls she built up over the years, all because Trayg allows her to be herself.

I liked that Trayg didn’t go in with a sledgehammer to try to tear down Catriona’s defenses. He did the opposite and let Catriona tear them down on her own, but with a little nudging from his direction.

There are many ‘on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ moments in this story. Laurin does a fabulous job at describing the surroundings and letting her characters grow and letting the romance build.

This will always remain as one of my top five most favorite books. There are others books in this series and I recommend each and every one of them.

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  1. This is the book that started it all for me (reading romance novels) AND lead me to Suzan Tisdale’s “Laiden’s Daughter”! I stayed up ’til 3am to finish “Charming the Shrew” because Wittig wouldn’t let me go with her plotline!

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