FINDLEY’S LASS by Suzan Tisdale



When Findley McKenna returns after his battle with the English to offer Maggy Boyle a home amongst his clan, he finds only death and destruction instead of the young widow who has stolen his heart. The only thing left of her home is the burned out hut and decaying bodies of the auld people Maggy has taken care of for the past three years. With only a prayer, his Highlander heart, and a bit of bloodied plaid to cling to, Findley will crawl through hell if he must, in order to find Maggy and her sons and avenge the massacre before him. She had won his heart without trying, and he can only pray for the chance to give her his.
How can she place her trust or her heart in the hands of a man she barely knows and maintain her freedom and keep her secrets hidden?
Maggy has secrets, and her own hell to crawl through, before she can give her trust or heart to any man. Fearful that the uncle of her late husband will force her into a marriage with another cold and vindictive man, she goes into hiding to keep her true identity secret and her adopted sons together. After her home is destroyed and her young son kidnapped, those secrets begin to unravel, one agonizing thread at a time. How can she place her trust or her heart in the hands of a man she barely knows and still maintain her freedom and keep her secrets hidden? Findley McKenna is her last vestige of hope at keeping both.


Scottish Historical Romance

14th Century

Heat level 2

Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars

REVIEW by  Emery

There just something infinitely and indescribably appealing about a Scottish historical romance. Perhaps it’s the vision of a rugged highland hottie in full regalia complete with broadsword (ala Christopher Lambert in the sci-fi Highlander). Perhaps it’s also in part a sense of yearning for a long ago time when family’s (clans) stuck together through thick and thin. Whatever it is, the irresistible combination of honor, kilt, and broadsword cannot be ignored! 

After reading and immensely enjoying Suzan Tisdale’s debut Scottish historical romance, Laiden’s Daughter, I confess I was chomping at the bit for more. I am delighted to say that Findley’s Lass delivers what eager readers expect and then some. 

We are taken back to 14th century Scotland, an epoch of fighting against English domination, but also of struggling for survival itself in both a harsh clime and time. Maggy Boyle has known her share of hardship, having first lost the protection of a husband, and then most of her village to an epidemic of small pox. Now her sons, all which really remain of her life, have disappeared, one by abduction, and the others in search of “hopelessly lost” cattle to feed what remains of their starving clan.

 Enter Findley McKenna, a man with a noble heart who returns her errant sons– a man with powerful desire to make Maggy his own. The plot is fairly straight-forward from the beginning. Findley has fallen in love with Maggy at first sight and is determined to win her heart. As a warrior, he perceives his best course is to retrieve her kidnapped son.

Contrary to this warrior’s wishes, however, Maggy, is not about to stay behind wringing her hands. Thus begins an engaging war of wills and a number of misadventures between the would-be lovers.  

The author is a gifted story-teller who brings her well-paced tale to life with delightful characterizations of the rough-hewn highlanders of the Clan MacDougall. I was happy to see a number of secondary characters from Laiden’s Daughter make a re-appearance, particularly Wee William whose own story, I hear, will soon come to fruition. I highly recommend this appealing romantic Scottish adventure.

**This title is available for only $2.99 **


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  1. I haven’t read anything by Suzan Tisdale but have put her on my wishlist now. Thank you for highlighting her books here. I love finding new to me authors.

    I’m with you on loving rugged highland hotties! I even own a sword like the one Lambert is holding above. It hangs here beside me on the wall beside the computer desk. It’s just one of the items I call “My Precious”. 🙂

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