Highland Temptation (Highland Knights #3) by Jennifer Haymore


highland temptation

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When Lady Emilia Buchanan discovers that her despicable father has been scheming against the crown, she turns to the Highland Knights for protection—and retribution. Spirited away to a safe house on the outskirts of London, Emilia is surprised to find herself sharing close quarters with a soft-spoken, musclebound Highlander. Before long, curiosity gives way to an alarming attraction. Emilia has learned firsthand from her father that men are not to be trusted. She just never met one so honorable and loyal, so powerful and, yes, tempting.

Ever since Waterloo, Colin Stirling has struggled with memories that haunt him night and day. Driven near to madness, he no longer trusts himself with meaningful relationships of any kind. At least in this temporary sanctuary, Colin can withdraw from the world—that is, until his stunningly gorgeous charge learns the full depth of his pain. In Emilia, Colin sees a kindred spirit with battle scars of her own. He also senses a chance to heal . . . and to find love.

Publisher and Release Date: Loveswept, August 23, 2016

Time and setting: London, 1816
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4.5 stars

Review by Vikki

I have been a fan of Jennifer Haymore’s ever since I read A Hint of Wickedyears ago. She is one of my auto-buy authors; her stories are always well-developed, her characters are complex and steal the show and I have yet to read one of her books where I have not fallen in love with them.

After a brutal beating, Emilia Buchanan runs in terror from the one man who should protect her above all others – her father. Months ago, the Highland Knights had protected him, and she had met the handsome Sir Colin Stirling.

When Colin becomes her protector and takes her to safety, Emilia at last finds out that there is an honorable man willing to protect her with his life. When her father catches up to them and grabs Emilia, Colin is determined to get her back.

Can he find her in time, or will her father exact his revenge on his only daughter before Colin can make her his own forever?

Highland Temptation starts out fast and stays that way until the end. The plot is well thought out, with plenty of action, and the romance is satisfying. The chemistry between Emilia and Colin is fantastic – I truly wanted them to find their happy ending.

Emilia is an endearing character who has not had an easy time of it since her mother passed away. Her father is a physically abusive bastard, so under the circumstances, it’s no wonder she is wary of men. Her self-esteem is extremely low, but her inner core is too strong for him to permanently break her. She really comes into her own under Colin’s tender care.

Colin is my favorite kind of hero, a man who has suffered great hardship, but refuses to let it destroy him. He is a true warrior, determined to protect Emilia even if it may mean laying down his life to do so. He suffers greatly from what is known today as PTSD, but what he believes is madness. I loved how Emilia is able to convince him she loves him even when he is in the throes of one of his episodes.

Highland Temptation is a great adventure with plenty of perils along the way. While it’s not my favorite of the series, it is still a great read and if you enjoy an emotionally-charged romance with amazing characters, then you should give it a try. I thoroughly enjoyed getting glimpses into the lives of the other knights and their fair ladies. I can’t wait to read the stories of the other still unattached heroes in this great cast of characters.


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