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Those of you who read Romantic Historical Reviews regularly will have noticed our new, regular SPOTLIGHT feature. Our team of reviewers is offered large numbers of books to review and it just isn’t possible to review every single title that comes our way. We wanted to find a way to give those books and authors some exposure without reviewing the book, and the new SPOTLIGHT is one way of doing that. What we’re aiming to do is to introduce you all to new books and authors and to whet your appetites by including excerpts and guest posts and offering a chance for you to grab a copy of the books we feature in our giveaways.

We’ve run around twenty SPOTLIGHTS so far, and hope that those of you who’ve won the featured books have enjoyed them.

Now we’re introducing another new feature, the FRIDAY FAVORITE which we hope will enable us to present more new books for your consideration. But this time, we want you to do just a tiny bit of work to win a copy of the featured title. The “favorite” part of the feature is really down to you guys. What we’d like you to do is to post a comment giving us one of your favorite quotes or moments from any romance novel of your choice. It can be a romance in any sub-genre, and it can be the book you’re reading now, or something you’ve read previously. We’re a curious bunch here at RHR, and would love to hear from you about what you’re reading, what you like to read, and what makes for a memorable read.

Our very first FRIDAY FAVORITE is here. Drop by, check it out and post your own favorite quote or moment. You can enter the giveaway until midnight the week after the post, and the author will be choosing the winner. Make sure you include your email address with your comment.


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