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Here at Romantic Historical Reviews, we aim to bring you what we think about the best in new romantic, historical fiction in a variety of genres and from a wide selection of authors. We’re keen to encourage new talent as much as to review books by well-known and favourite authors, and the majority of the books we review are titles which have been released recently.

But for some time now, we’ve had a specific tags for books we review that are more than a year old – Retro Reviews – because there are always books out there that perhaps we didn’t get around to when they were first published, or which we have recently discovered and want to tell everyone about.

The explosion in digital publishing over the last few years has enabled many publishers and authors to make available backlist titles that have been out of print for years, and, in some cases, decades – and to bring many, many wonderful books to the attention of an entirely new audience. Speaking personally, I know there are some great books out there that I’ve missed out on, simply by virtue of not having known about them when they were originally published, or perhaps books I didn’t have the time to read and then forgot about when I moved on to something else.

So from now on, we’re going to be including the occasional Retro Review in among all our reviews of new and upcoming releases. I’m certainly looking forward to discovering some new-to-me “old” books, and I hope that our readers will do so, too.

To start us off, here’s my review of the reissue of a wonderful, old-school Regency Romance, by Sheri Cobb-South – The Weaver Takes a Wife.




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