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When Ella Briley asked her lucky-in-love friends to set her up for an office party, she was expecting a blind date. Instead, she’s pulled through a magic mirror and into the past…straight into the arms of her very own Mr. Darcy.

Patrick Meadowfair, Earl of Fairhaven, is too noble for his own good. To save a female friend from what is sure to be a loveless marriage, he’s agreed to whisk her off to wed the man she truly wants. But all goes awry when Patrick mistakes Ella for the would-be bride and kidnaps her instead.

Centuries away from everything she knows, Ella’s finally found a man who heats her blood and leaves her breathless. Too bad he’s such a perfect gentleman. Yet the reluctant rake may just find this modern girl far too tempting for even the noblest of men to resist…


Today we are pleased to sit down with author Gina Lamm, whose latest book, Kiss the Earl, is out now. To celebrate the release of this fun time-slip novel Gina’s here to share a snippet from the book with a time-travel tip for aspiring adventurers!

“Well, do either of you have an extra weapon? I’d really appreciate having something to protect myself with, if you don’t mind.”

Bacon stopped dead at Patrick’s surprised yank on the reins. What the devil? She was a female—granted, an unusual one, but not even Amelia would dream of fighting against ruffians.

For Iain’s part, however, he did not hesitate. He reached into the side of his boot and pulled out a small, sheathed knife. He presented it to her with a flourish, handle first.

#9 – Gina’s Time Travel Tip – Sexism is probably going to be a problem for any female time traveler. But don’t despair! Good people are good no matter what time you’re in. If you can educate them safely, then do so. You’ll make your stay—and the time—a better place.


Publisher and Release Date: Sourcebooks Casablanca; April 7, 2015

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: London 1820 and America 2015
Genre: Historical / Time Travel Romance
Heat Level:2
Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars

Review by Natalie

Ella Briley is a woman in a man’s world – the comic book world to be exact. Ella’s childhood love of comics has blossomed into a career as an artist and with hard work and dedication she has accomplished a great milestone… she has been selected to take over the reins of her favorite hero for a 12 month stint. Ella is pumped to have this opportunity, but when her new bosses at Whisperwind Comics invite her to the launch party she realizes she needs a date or she will have to take her flirty landlord. Ella turns to her friends, Leah and Jamie, for help and on the night of the party finds herself nervously arriving at her friend’s house to meet her blind date. Little does Ella realize that Mrs. Knightsbridge, a magic British Housekeeper, has other plans for her night. Ella is whisked back in time and finds herself stranded in 1820s London in a bright blue cocktail dress no less.

Patrick Meadowfair, Earl of Fairhaven, has been talked into some pretty silly schemes by his childhood friend, Amelia…but this one takes the cake. Patrick has agreed to stage a kidnapping and whisk Amelia off, ruining her in the eyes of the ton. This will give Amelia the opportunity to force her father into letting her marry the poor country parson with whom she has fallen in love. On the designated night of their assignation Patrick sees Amelia walking without a chaperon, covered by a black, voluminous cloak. He grabs her off the street only to be chased by several well-meaning witnesses. By the time Patrick realizes he has seized the wrong person he is already miles away, in the middle of the countryside.

Patrick and Ella have been thrust together and both are in a heap of trouble. Patrick needs to learn what has happened to his dear friend Amelia as well as find the real identity of this beguiling if somewhat naked stranger; and Ella needs to find a way back to her own time before she misses the work opportunity of a lifetime.

Kiss the Earl is the third installment of Gina Lamm’s funny yet sweet time traveling Geek Girl series. This series had me smiling from start to finish and not just because the characters were witty but because I have never read another Regency romance story that mentions Darth Vader and Comic Con. As silly as it sounds Lamm has managed to write a believable and savvy time traveler in Ella Briley. When Ella winds up in Regency England one of her first actions is to look for clothing since her own attire is totally inappropriate for the time period. She doesn’t run out into public practically naked; instead she tries to find something to cover herself, realizing that her current appeal would scandalize the inhabitants of the time. Lamm doesn’t ever gloss over the fact that a modern woman would stick out like a sore thumb in 1820 British society, especially a woman with bright blue nails and purple streaks in her hair. From her appearance to handling the need to use the bathroom (a uniquely different undertaking in 1820 than what we are used to in 2015) Lamm writes a completely authentic and spirited character, someone you find yourself rooting for.

Patrick and Ella stumble into some serious trouble after Ella has an accident and ends up with a fever and severe infection. Without modern antibiotics, or even Tylenol, Ella requires the help of her kidnapper-cum-rescuer to nurse her back to health. All the while these two characters, with a world of difference between them, find themselves inexplicitly drawn to each other. Lamm melds their two worlds and handles the outlandish premise of a thoroughly modern American woman ending up in smack dab in proper Regency England with not only humor but also plausible credibility. I plan on checking out the first two titles in the Geek Girl series to see if Gina Lamm’s time traveling heroines’ have always been so cool! If you are looking for a book where you can really connect with the female lead as she gallivants through time, then try out Kiss the Earl.


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Gina LammGina Lamm, a bellydancing, wisecracking, marshmallow-addicted geek, loves nothing more than penning funny, emotional tales of love, lust, and entertaining mishaps. Married to a superhero, she lives with her beloved family in North Carolina, surrounded by tobacco farms, possums, and the occasional hurricane. She also writes erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave under the pen name Regina Cole. Visit www.ginalamm.net


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  1. Only one item? That’s tough. I might have to bring toothpaste. Or one complete indoor plumbing system? lol! This series sounds really interesting. Great review!

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