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Lord Adrian Smythe may appear a perfectly boring gentleman, but he leads a thrilling life as one of England’s most preeminent spies, an identity so clandestine even his wife is unaware of it. But he isn’t the only one with secrets…

She’s Been Outsmarting Him For Years…

Now that the Napoleonic wars have come to an end, daring secret agent Lady Sophia Smythe can hardly bear the thought of returning home to her tedious husband. Until she discovers in the dark of night that he’s not who she thinks he is after all

Publisher and Release Date:  Sourcebooks, September 2011

RHL Classifications:
Time and Setting:  Regency England
Genre:  Historical Romance
Heat Level:  2
Reviewer Rating:  4 Stars

Review by Susan

The Scarlett Pimpernel meets the 2005 action adventure flix Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Shana Galen’s romantic intrigue Lord and Lady Spy.  Lady Sophia Smythe, aka Agent Saint, and Lord Adrian Smythe, aka Agent Wolf, are married in public but secretly they are spies for the Barbican Group.  The only hitch is that neither one knows that the other one is a spy for the same group which serves the British Crown to weed out enemies loyal to Napoleon.

The plot is fascinating, plunging the reader into a James Bond type scenario where the Smythes play investigators, competing with each other unknowingly at first to capture their quarry.  When the Barbican Group downsizes and the Smythes are laid-off as operatives, the pair craves adventure but don’t know this side of each other until Lord Liverpool brings them together to discover the identity of his half brother’s murderer.

Ms. Galen’s attention to detail during the fight scenes makes easy to picture the choreography and action.  The reader never feels lost during the narration, and is always able to follow the sequence of events and trail of clues.  The author is equally skilled at describing the sensual and emotional aspects of the Smythes’ relationship.  It’s an entertaining story with characters that touch readers’ hearts and evoke compassion.  Sophia and Adrian begin as strangers but move forward together to become life long partners in an emotionally satisfying conclusion.


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