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News reporting is the main joy in Norma Hill’s life. She is hell-bent on being more than a weather reporter, but new tyrant boss, Henry Chapel, doesn’t agree. While she is following a news lead, Henry saves her from a handsy heir. His words warn her of danger, but his actions stir deeper emotions. Despite his gruff words, can she find the love forever absent from her life?

Pompous and determined, Henry Chapel revives sagging rags and brings them to their former glory. When Lawson Publishing begs Henry to take over the Chicago Daily News, he is more than happy to comply; after all, it had been his favorite newspaper as a child. What he didn’t anticipate was a fiery sass-mouthed weather reporter to contend with. He also didn’t anticipate finding what he’d been looking for his whole life in the press room.

Publisher and Release Date: The Wild Rose Press, February 2014

RHR Classifications:
Time and setting: Chicago, 1920s
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 3
Reviewer rating: 4 Stars

Review by Vikki

Henry Chapel struts into the newsroom at the Chicago Daily News as the newly appointed managing editor with a cigar clinched between his teeth, ready to whip the struggling newspaper into a money making machine. He tells everyone present that the newspaper is losing money every day and he will turn this around, then storms into his office and shuts the door.

When Norma Hill bursts into his office, she informs him she’s the weather reporter, but she is capable of reporting much more than just mundane of climate changes. Henry decides in an instant that he will keep her on, even though he believes that women can’t handle the demands of reporting compelling features needed in a fast-paced newsroom.

After the dust settles the only females left standing are Norma, as the weather reporter and Ingrid, the former fashion reporter now relegated to the position of secretary.

In her private life, Norma has a squeaky-clean reputation and is jokingly referred as ‘Too Dry Two Shoes’. When Ingrid convinces Norma to go to the Jazzy Cat Club, a speakeasy, she accidentally stumbles across a crime in the making after she leaves the club to avoid an unwanted admirer, but her only evidence is a pearl she picks up after the attack. Shaken up by what she has seen, Norma goes back into the club and her boss, Henry, who happens to be there, offers to take her home.

The instant attraction between Norma and Henry ignites quickly to a blazing fury as they banter back and forth, whether at the office or when they meet privately. Will Norma’s feisty, determination to investigate what she witnessed lead her into danger? Will Henry be able to protect Norma from her own willfulness, or will he be too late to save the woman he has grown to love?

This story starts out well with great usage of terms for the era and vivid descriptions of clothing, facial expressions and mannerisms, but then the pacing slows, and I found it hard to maintain my interest. But then I picked it back up, thinking I needed to give it another chance, and am glad I did, because the story picks up dramatically and is excellent from that point forward – I couldn’t read fast enough! The love scenes between Norma and Henry sizzle and the action toward the conclusion drove the story to a satisfying end. Ms. Valentine’s research is very good, and she really brings the period to life. I’m pleased I didn’t give up on this book, because I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.


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