MERELY MAGIC by Patricia Rice


RHFL Classifications:

Romantic Historical with Paranormal Elements /heat rating – moderate/


Magic is her birthright… The daughter of one of the strongest magical lineages, Ninian Malcom Siddons is a powerful witch. Determined to only use her magic for good, she lives a simple, solitary life as a healer in her village, where she meets Drogo.

A man of science doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see… Lord Drogo Ives believes only logic and science can explain the wonders of the universe and doesn’t believe the local folklore about Malcolm witches and Ives men, until he meets Ninian.

Despite the odds against them and their (many) differences, the bond between Drogo and Ninian grows stronger each moment they are together… until the chaos and danger surrounding them forces each to decide: their love… or their lives…

Review by Lila Gustavus

There really isn’t a lot of magical happening in this book but it is a solid historical romance that is appreciated by many fans and I’m sure will be by many more. There is a ghost in there and a legend that is coming true as the romance between the Malcolm and the Ives grows, so I suppose one may even categorize it as a slightly paranormal romance. Regardless of which genre Merely Magic fits in, it’s a fun read, with some steamy love scenes that will satisfy those readers who pick up books for romantic excitement. There’s definitely a lot of that.
I appreciated the female characters, especially that of Ninian’s, decidedly more than the male ones. Ninian is a very likable woman, fierce when she needs to be and protective of her village people and her heritage. She’s not easily influenced or intimidated into submission. Ms. Rice definitely didn’t make Ninian one of many. Drogo however is a little too predictable for me. His reluctance to acknowledge Ninian’s attractiveness, his almost animal desire in bedroom and then aloofness outside of it were off putting to me. Merely Magic is a nice read though. If you’re looking for an escape from your daily life, especially those dreary winter days, this novel will provide you with one. Historical romance fans will especially be happy to dive into this one.


I am a native of Poland and I came to the U.S. 10 years ago. Right now, I have a privilege of holding dual citizenship: Polish and American. I am 34 years old, I have a beautiful 13-year-old daughter Karolina (I know, a teenager /:O), 2-year-old son, Aleksander, 1-year-old Olivia. I am a typical introvert and prefer being alone to socializing. I also do not display many female personality traits. I hate cooking, I hate shopping, I feel very uncomfortable around children (with an exception of my own) and besides reading, I have absolutely no hobbies (no knitting, crocheting, quilting and such for me). Oh, I do not watch TV either.  I am a freelance Polish translator and  a certified interpreter. I have two dream jobs: a college professor in comparative literature (that’s what I got my degree in) or a literary translator, both of which, not surprisingly, are closely connected with literature. I hope you’ll enjoy the reviews and that the choices you make based upon those reviews won’t disappoint you. Na Zdrowie!


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