never forget me
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As war looms, genteel Flora yearns to be more than just an observer. She finds a revolutionary kindred spirit in soldier Geraint—but will their fragile love be crushed before it can start to bloom?



Soldier Robbie cannot forget his one hedonistic night in Paris with beautiful waitress Sylvie. But as Europe burns, can these two star-crossed lovers ever be reunited?



Nurse Sheila is horrified to discover her new boss is the French surgeon she woke beside after Armistice Day! Fighting for their love will be the bravest thing she’s ever had to do….

Publisher and Release Date: Harlequin Historical, July 2014

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: First World War Scotland and France
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 5 stars

Review by Maggi

Marguerite Kaye drew me in completely with these three powerful stories of love in times of war. While I would have liked to have had a bit more action, that’s not what these stories are about. They are stories of loss but also stories of hope and new beginnings. The emotional scenes between the three couples are compelling and the love scenes are beautifully rendered and sizzle!

A KISS GOODBYE begins in Scotland with a Laird’s family dealing with the changes the First World War will bring. We are thrust into the disruption people suffer during wartime, where families and lives are torn apart never to be the same again. Even the wealthy and the privileged cannot avoid heartbreak and loss. The beautifully drawn lovers and the heartrending settings are very stirring. My one grumble is that I wanted to remain a little longer with Flora and Geraint. But that was due more to the quality of Ms Kaye’s engaging writing than anything else. I was quickly drawn into the second novella, DEAREST SLYVIE, so it’s a very small grumble. I quickly became engaged with the impossible love Sylvie and Robbie share, not knowing if he would survive the war.

FOREVER WITH ME, the third and final novella, wraps up the three stories and brings us full circle, while looking to the future where a new world awaits, especially for women.

There are so many delicious descriptions of character that it’s impossible to pick a favourite, but here’s one from the first novella:
“She didn’t walk across the room so much as float, though Geraint could see that her feet in their delicate little shoes were firmly planted on the antique rugs that covered the floor…”

– which leaves the reader in no doubt of the privileged life Flora leads, and allows a small glimpse into her character, as well as Geraint’s attraction to her.

These three interesting and interconnected WWI stories are filled with deep emotion, love, loss and tender romance. Never Forget Me is highly recommended.


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