One Day’s Loving by Rue Allyn


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Persephone Mae Alden is the invisible Alden sister, quiet, industrious, generous, kind-hearted, loyal, and reliable. The words used to describe Mae remind her of a well-trained dog. She’s not happy about it, but what can she do? She likes her quiet life and would be seriously upset if she had to defy convention like Edith or act on instinct like Kiera. But everything changes when necessity forces her to bravery and she must choose between love and family.

A horrifying bequest convinces Boston attorney James W. Collins V that Mae Alden needs a husband, and she’s just the type of wife he wants. The two of them will be a perfect match. Refusing his offer makes no sense, so why won’t the woman accept?

Publisher and Release Date: Crimson Romance, November 2013

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: Boston (USA), 1870.
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Persephone

With the death of her grandfather, Mae Alden is shocked and stunned by the terms of his legacy, which implies women need a firm hand in the form of a husband. Although the legacy entails the house (where she and her sisters have abided) there’s a cloth mill, too. But the terms of her grandfather’s will are complicated and strange indeed. The overseeing of the mill’s function and productivity is considered far beyond the mental gravity of a mere female. However, if she marries and begets a child, and all within a specified period of time there is a gain to be had. Mae, though, has no wish to be shackled to a man – any man. Even so, she is far from immune to the presence of attorney James W. Collins V.

When James and Mae assess her options and tour the mill, flights of romantic fantasy fade alongside the daunting reality that all is not well there, especially when she puts forth ideas of her own to the mill’s manager. And much to Mae’s chagrin, within a very short time she’s purportedly a meddling female. A storm of disquiet soon arises amidst the male workers, and sense of intrigue and conspiracy seem as though at large.

While James sees the benefit to Mae of her finding a husband to protect and cherish her, she disputes the need for a protector but nonetheless warms to him in ways that lead both into temptation. But when love is finally faced with the ruthless ambitions of another suitor and the fires of Hell threaten to consume all that Mae holds dear to her heart, she becomes a heroine in the truest sense of the word.

One Day’s Loving is nicely written and a delightful read, in which a headstrong young miss (Mae) challenges the autocracy of the many males of her time who looked upon women as the weaker sex. Thus women were deemed unchallenged and intellectually inferior creatures, the majority of them suited only to the begetting of heirs and encumbrance of daughters within the upper and middle echelons of society. Of course, in reality, we all know that behind every great man, there is an even greater woman!


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