SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Northern Temptress by Nicole McCaffery


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When the Civil War arrives on her door step, Gettysburg doctor Alexandra Winters uses her knowledge of medicine to help the wounded. When an uncommonly handsome rebel officer finds her tending the wounded in his battlefield, he takes her for a spy until she confesses her darkest secret; her brother fights for the south. He vows to find her brother and insists on escorting her home. But Alexa already has enough gossip attached to her name thanks to a scandalous divorce; she doesn’t need to be seen keeping company with the enemy at a late hour.

Major Caleb McKenna, CSA, has grown weary of war and bloodshed. Dreams of glory and valor are long gone, as is the memory of his beloved fiancee back home in Georgia. Try as he might, he can’t recall her face. Instead, it’s the bewitching image of Alexa Winters that haunts his every thought. Her stubborn refusal to show weakness is put to the test when he brings news of her missing brother. His attempt to comfort the stoic beauty quickly engulfs them in a firestorm of passion, leaving Caleb torn between a promise made to the gentle belle awaiting his return – and an emerald-eyed, jet-haired Northern temptress.

When the major is gravely wounded, Alexa comes to his aide. Hiding a Confederate officer in a house filled with recuperating Union soldiers is risky… but fighting their growing desire is a battle they can’t afford to lose.


She turned to take a lingering look at the dying men. “Please let me help them. Perhaps one of them will know my brother.”
When he said nothing, she laid a beseeching hand on his arm. “Please.”
He glanced down into her face, and his expression softened. “Doctor Winters, few men could deny such a heartfelt request, but try to understand.” He lifted the hand she’d placed on his arm, tucked it into the crook of his elbow and stepped forward, as though they were out for an afternoon stroll. “There is no help for these men. Most will be dead before daybreak. Those who aren’t will soon wish they were.”
“I’ll do what I can.” Tugging her hand away, she turned back toward the wounded.
Warm heavy hands clamped her shoulders and spun her around to face him.
“I can’t leave you here. If the wrong officer happened to find you, you’d be arrested for a spy.” His gaze raked pointedly over her shirt and trousers. “Or worse.”
She considered his words for a moment. Was he suggesting she looked like a—“How dare you!”
“Dammit, listen to me.” His tone was hushed, but the meaning was clear. “This is no place for a civilian, certainly not a woman. Union sharpshooters are camped in the woods nearby. At first light, they’ll begin firing at anything that moves.”
She glanced toward the dark copse of trees in the distance, but saw nothing save the inky blackness of night. “That’s a chance I’ll have to take, isn’t it?” Yanking away from him, she strode back toward the wounded. Blast him, even if she didn’t find Nate, or anyone who knew him, she’d help these poor suffering souls.
She gave a yelp as her feet were swept from the ground.
“You can risk your neck in someone else’s battlefield.” Major McKenna grunted as he shifted her weight in his arms. “Not mine.”
“Put me down!” She flailed, and though she heard another grunt and a muttered curse, she failed to free herself. “I want to find my brother.”
“He’s not here.” He stopped walking and shot her a warning look. “It’s too dangerous for you here, and if you keep screaming and thrashing about, I’ll drop you on your stubborn little head.” He shifted her to redistribute her weight as he crossed the field in angry strides.
“Where are—”
Miss Winters!”
Though she didn’t appreciate being hushed, she recognized the lack of patience in his voice. She’d simply let the arrogant lout wear himself out carrying her around, then return to the wounded.
She shot him an angry glare. “That’s Doctor Winters to you.”


What is the name of the hero in Nicole McCaffrey’s first historical western?

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About the Author

If it’s possible to be born a writer, then I most likely was. I’d probably have started sooner if there had been pen and paper available in the womb! But for as long as I can remember, I have heard voices in my head. Fortunately for me, they’re all characters—begging me to tell their stories.
nicole mcaffrey
I’ve been married to Peter, my best friend, for fifteen years, and am a work-at-home mom with two busy boys, a teen and a tween. When I’m not working, writing, or buried nose-deep in a research book, chances are I’m baking, gardening, or just kicking back and hanging with my guys.

Please visit my website for or news on my latest releases, reviews and excerpts of my published work and sneak peeks at upcoming releases.


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