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As a goddess-born healer, Selah Kilbrid wants nothing to do with the goddess of death and disease, nor any of her human progeny. But when the two people she loves most disappear—her dearest friend Nora Goodwin and her betrothed Lord Henry Fitzalan—Selah has no choice but to leave London in pursuit of Death’s most powerful daughter.

Accompanied by a ragtag group of travelers, Selah follows a treacherous path across the Irish Sea to the long-forgotten prison of a witch who once nearly destroyed Ireland. Selah would face any danger to protect those she loves, but what if it means unleashing a greater evil on the human world? Could she risk the lives of many to save a few, or are some sacrifices too great?



In an instant, the ground fell away, and my stomach flew up as we dropped into thin air. My startled scream turned to a grunt a second later when my feet hit the ground. The lantern fell from my grasp to the sound of breaking glass, and I stumbled sideways, only to be caught by Henry’s firm grip.

He pulled me to him. “I’ve got you,” he whispered.

A rush of cool air hissed over me, the musty scent making my nerves cringe. It lasted only a moment before fading to deadly stillness. I blinked several times, trying to get my bearings, but there was nothing to see. Blackness surrounded us. Muffled voices seemed to echo from every direction, male and female.

Henry strengthened his hold on my hand. “We need to move.”

Brigid’s fire ran to my fingertips. Nothing changed with the first step or even the second. On the third, a faint light penetrated the darkness, and I realized we were in a stone tunnel of sorts, as though someone had burrowed straight into the hillside. The voices grew more distinct, and shapes appeared, two lone figures ahead of us.

Henry must have seen them as well, for he quickened his pace and another half dozen steps brought us behind Cate and Tom. Somehow Cate had managed to keep hold of her lantern, which she now held aloft. Tom stood at her side, his broadsword at a slightly higher angle. We edged closer, and the sides of the tunnel curved outward at what looked to be the beginning of a cavern.

“Where are we?” I whispered.

Cate tilted her head up, though only darkness could be seen beyond the small circle of lantern light. “Between our two worlds.” Her hushed voice skimmed the stone that surrounded us on all sides.

Henry placed a protective hand on my shoulder. “It would appear that no one is home.”

Creases formed around Cate’s narrowed eyes. “I’m not so sure about that.” She continued to study the darkness but said no more.

Silent as a ghost, Ailish drew alongside me. She didn’t speak a word, just inhaled a slow, deep breath through her nose. Releasing it, she repeated the action, this time holding it for several seconds.

“What is it, Miss O’Bearra,” Cate asked.

Ailish exhaled, and her cold breath brushed my cheek. “I smell death, milady.”


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An Immortal Descent


03_Kari EdgrenKari Edgren is the author of the Goddess Born series. In 2010 and 2011 she was a semifinalist for the Amazon Break Through Novel Award. In 2013, she was a RWA Golden Heart finalist. Ms. Edgren enjoys writing both historical and contemporary fiction, so long as there’s a paranormal twist. She resides on a mountain top in the Pacific Northwest where she spends a great deal of time dreaming about the sun and torturing her husband and children with strange food and random historical facts.

For more information please visit Kari Edgren’s website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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