THE BELOVED ONE by Danelle Harmon



In this second installment of her breathtaking De Montforte Brothers series, critically acclaimed author Danelle Harmon introduces us to Englishman Lord Charles de Montforte, who awakens in the tender care of an American beauty after being wounded in battle. Amy Leighton has long wished for someone special to enter her life and take her away from a cruel, unloving step-family, but the handsome stranger is from an enemy land … and he’s sworn to love another. A 1775-era Cinderella story sure to enthrall!


Georgian Historical Romance

Heat level 2

Reviewer rating: 5 stars


After reading The Wild One, which is the first in this series, I wondered how the author was going to surpass it, so as I began to read I was a bit skeptical. Ms. Harmon more than met my high expectations with this one.

Ms. Harmon paints a detailed picture of the Georgian era, from the clothing worn, to the mindset of a second son, heir-presumptive to his brother, the Duke of Blackheath. Lord Charles has always done what was expected of him, living an exemplary life.

Lord Charles is a tormented soul through much of the story, since he’s made serious mistakes with life-altering consequences. The depth of emotion this author shows for him is so moving, and he’s one of the most romantic characters I’ve ever read about.

The story is about Lord Charles, a captain in His Royal Highness’s army, stationed in America. During the battle at Concord, he’s injured, while saving a young boy. He falls, suffers a terrible blow to his head, leaving him blind. The boy’s sister, Amy, nurses him back to health, but the fall leaves him temporarily blind. Passion ignites between Amy and Charles, but when his sight returns, he leaves, feeling defeated and lost, since he believes his family and his ex-fiancée have turned their back on him. Even though he has deep feelings for Amy, he doesn’t feel that he deserves her love.

Amy Leighton is a young girl who’s lived her life in shame because her mother had a brief affair with an Indian, which led to her birth. Her stepfather and half-sisters treat her like a servant, so she doesn’t believe anyone could ever love her.

When Lord Charles returns to Amy, after eighteen months of wandering aimlessly with French trappers, their passion leads them into an impassioned embrace. Amy’s sister, who had wanted Lord Charles for herself, sees them and tells Charles that those letters he’d received from his family and fiancée were actually forged. Upon finding this out, Lord Charles decides to return home to his family and since Amy wants a new life, she goes with him.

This is truly a wonderful love story, but so much more. I found it extremely hard to put down. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.


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