The Dark Duke by Laura Landon



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Lady Amanda Radburn was the most outspoken, opinionated, dominating, impertinent, irritating, repulsive woman the Duke of Hadleigh had ever met. She delighted in insulting him and arguing with him over the most insignificant matters. His need to have her close to him was ridiculous, and his thoughts of marriage to the woman were impossible to fathom. Until she nearly got herself killed, and took his future right out of his own hands. Now his unguarded words have forced her to close her heart to him, and his perfect future has turned dangerously dark.

RHL Classifications:

Time and setting: Mid 1800s England
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 1
Reviewer rating: 4 stars

Review by Vikki

I always enjoy Laura Landon’s novels and this one did not disappoint. When Lady Amanda finds out that her brother, The Marquess of Mattenden, is near death from a vicious attack by an unknown earl, she is determined to find him and solve her younger brother’s problems, keeping him safe from further harm.

Her closest friend finds out Lady Amanda is troubled and may be in danger, so she asks her brother, Sterling Randolph, the Duke of Hadleigh, to find out what type of trouble she is in and if he protects her friend, she will forgive him for almost ruining her life.

Sterling is more than willing to do whatever she wants if it will restore him to his sister’s good graces, Even if it means spending time with the hellion, Lady Amanda. He has known Amanda since she was a young child and a more aggravating female has never crossed his path.

Lady Amanda leads him on a merry chase through the seedy docks of London as she searches for the elusive earl. When she gets in the way of a bullet and he almost loses her, he is determined to claim her as his own, but Amanda has her own secrets. Will he gain her trust and her love, or will she turn him away forever?

This story gained in speed as it progressed along its path to a great ending. I have no problems giving it a solid 4 stars. The characters are well-developed and the emotion of the writing that Laura Landon is well known for is there. The only reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars are because it was slow to start and because of errors in names and titles. For example, Lady Amanda’s brother is a viscount in the first chapter, but a marquess in Chapter 14. I found this a bit confusing, especially since a viscount’s daughter would not be a lady, while a marquess’s daughter would be.

Regardless of these two minor issues, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.


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