The Duke’s Tattoo by Miranda Davis


 Aspen Street Press; (March 31, 2012)



First comes revenge then comes love and marriage in The Duke’s Tattoo, a historical romance set in Regency England. After being grievously wounded at Waterloo, Jeremy Maubrey returns from war to find his new life as the tenth Duke of Ainsworth painful, dull and full of obligations. That is, until he wakes to find himself indelibly decorated in a mortifying place and mocking manner. Though he cannot recall much of the hellish night when he was abducted and tattooed, he cannot forget the waif-like villainess responsible or her haunting eyes. Ducal duties must wait till he finds the culprit and takes his revenge. Miss Prudence Haversham, Bath’s only female apothecary, knows she has a problem. A big, broad shouldered problem. At least she will have, if the tenth Duke of Ainsworth ever discovers she is to blame for tattooing him. Unfortunately, she meant to tattoo the previous Duke of Ainsworth, who tried to debauch her and disgraced her with his lies. Worse yet, she learns this duke is one of four infamously implacable cavalry officers known as ‘The Horsemen of the Apocalypse.’ No sooner has the vengeful duke traced his abductress to Bath, than Prudence Haversham overturns the duke’s every expectation and intention. In turn, the duke proves himself a surprisingly forgiving, honorable man who earns the wary apothecary’s love.


Historical Romance

Regency England


REVIEW RATING: 4.5 stars/ Debut


This Jem, ah gem is a must-read for historical romance lovers Jeremy (Jem) Maubry, Duke of Ainsworth has returned from the Battle of Waterloo with a badly wounded left shoulder. But that’s not his biggest problem. He’s out for revenge against the perpetrators who abducted, drugged and marked him. His lower abdomen surrounding his arbor vitae now sports a tattoo! Prudence Haversham has waited nine long years to take retribution against the man who accosted her and ruined her life. Together with her two servants and a Chinese man skilled in the art of tattooing, she has paid back the duke. Indelibly. Except the duke they kidnapped is not the same man who ruined her reputation. Realising her mistake, Prudence lives in fear that the duke will somehow find out her identity and seek vengeance. She’s right.

This historical romance debut is the first in a series featuring four friends who fought together at the Battle of Waterloo and are known as the Four Horsemen. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, for wherever they ride, they leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. The second half does have some misunderstandings but they’re handled deftly with good humour and they’re not drawn out and tedious. The Duke’s Tattoo is so much fun. Clever and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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