THE LEGACY OF DEER RUN by Elaine Marie Cooper



The year was 1800. A young man makes weapons for the defense of America, still a fledgling nation. He also protects his heart from the allure of a young woman who is so far above his station in life that he cannot win her. The lady fights her own war against loneliness and grief. Despite her finery and airs, she is drawn to the young armory worker, who is distant yet disarming. Love is not the only entanglement. The nation’s enemies are afoot. They creep within the very walls where America’s defenses are being forged. Who are they? When will they strike? Who will survive their terrorism? Intrigue of the heart and intrigue of the times are only part of this compelling story – book three of the Deer Run Saga. This series finale is a gripping mix of romance and deception, faith and forgiveness, transgression and trial.


Heat Level 1


American Historical Romance

Star Rating 3.5


This was an interesting read. Set in the beginning of the 19th century in Massachusetts. The story opens with the funeral of Danny Lowe’s twin brother, James. Danny decided that he will never love a woman, since there must be a curse on his family. Danny returns the Springfield Armory, where he works. Soon after his return he meets Susannah Dobbins, a spoiled beauty, who has just moved to Springfield from Boston. Danny and Susannah are immediately drawn to each other, but since Susannah is of a different class than Danny, and because of his vow to himself, he tries to ignore his attraction. But their attraction cannot be denied.

As the relationship between Danny and Susannah blossoms into love, there is something sinister happening at the armory. Danny overhears a conversation in French and tells his boss about it. Shortly after this, there’s a terrible accident at the armory, and Danny’s best friend is killed. Mr. Ames, the superintendent of the armory, feels that Danny’s life may be in danger, and tells him to leave Springfield until the culprit can be found. In a tear-filled parting, Susannah agrees to wait for Danny to return, even though he doesn’t tell her why he’s leaving.

Danny returns to Deer Run to wait for the capture of the culprit. The story takes a turn at this point from Danny to his sister, Polly, who is in love with the son of their father’s sworn enemy. Daniel Lowe Sr. refuses to allow Polly to see Jonathan Grant. When Jonathan’s father dies, he immediately leaves without telling Polly goodbye.

The two love stories are intertwined from this point on. Throughout the story, the reader experiences the inner thoughts of Danny, Susannah, Daniel Sr. and Mary, Danny’s mother. Even though there is the romance between Polly and Jonathan, the reader never experiences their inner thoughts. While this seemed quite unusual to me, the story works and continues to unfold.

This was a strong inspirational story, and while the religion is never fully explained, it was quite fanatical in its beliefs. I found it interesting that the author shows quite a bit of passion between many of the characters, but she still keeps the story true to an inspirational romance. Even though the book was a bit preachy at times, I did enjoy it. There are two other books in the series, and I plan to read both of them. 

**At time of review this title is available for $4.99** 


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