The Merry Widow by Koko Brown

Publisher’s Blurb:

Victorian England is a man’s world. And no one knows this better than Phillipa Jones who must fight society’s conventions along with chauvinistic ship captains and a greedy yet undeniably handsome Viscount to keep her late husband’s shipping business afloat.

Unfortunately, one moment of weakness and a case of mistaken identities will place her in a compromising position, which will see everything she’s worked for come to ruins including her reputation.

RHL Classifications:

Time Frame:  Victorian England

Heat Level:  3

Review Rating:  4 Stars

Review by Susan:

Koko Brown puts a lot of steamy love scenes and smartly placed surprises in her erotic romance The Merry Widow from Red Sage Publishers.  Brown shows an intuitive instinct when it comes to timing.  The central couple in the novella is the clever Lord Reginald Bellomont and the sweet Lady Phillippa Jones, a widow, who come together as a result of perfect timing.

Phillippa longs for male companionship and resorts to utlizing the services of an escort company that caters to ladies of means.  Serendipitously, Reginald is eager to purchase shares of the shipping company that is left to Phillippa after her husband dies.  Pretending to be the male escort from the company, Reginald invegles his way into Phillippa’s bed.  When the time comes to reveal his true identity to Phillippa, the pair is so completely consumed by one another that the pretense leaves no permanent scarring.

The author entices readers with a charming fantasy about a mature woman finding true love the second time around.  The characters all have good intentions even if their purposes are shrouded in secrecy making them instantly likeable and susceptible to being enamored by audiences.  The supporting characters all work to move the central couple forward to find eternal happiness, a fantasy that’s widely held in esteem.

Susan Frances

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