The Woman at the Light by Joanna Brady



Historical Romance

1800’s Key West Florida

Heat Rating 2


Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin (July 3, 2012)


One afternoon in 1839, Emily Lowry’s husband vanishes from Wreckers’ Cay, an isolated island off the coast of Key West where he tends to the lighthouse. As days stretch into months, Emily has no choice but take charge of Wrecker’s Cay and her husband’s duties tending the light to support her three children—and a fourth on the way. Unexpected help arrives when a runaway slave named Andrew washes up on their beach. At first, Emily is intensely wary of this strange, charming man, whose very presence there is highly illegal. But Andrew proves himself an enormous help and soon wins the hearts of the Lowry family. And—far from the outside world and society’s rules—his place in Emily’s life, as steadfast now as the light, will forever change their futures. When Emily’s family is ripped apart once again, she faces untold hardships that test her love and determination and show how the passionate love of a defiant, determined woman can overcome any obstacle.

REVIEWER: Celtic Lady
I love lighthouses, so when I found out this book was about lighthouses I grabbed the chance to read it. The main concept of the story is the disappearance of Emily Lowry’s husband Martin. He leaves one day to go out to sea and just does not return. Emily hopes against hope that he will return, but as time goes by, the likely hood of that happening grows slim. Emily is left with three children and one on the way and is also responsible for the maintenance of the lighthouse and seeing that it is lit every night. If this is not done, ships could wreck upon the coral reefs that abound in the area. 
After the appearance of a runaway slave, Andrew, the lives of Emily and her children change irrevocably. Because of the morals of the time she decides that when someone comes ashore she must hide Andrew. Life is more bearable with Andrew around to help her with the light and other work needed around the island. She and her children become quite attached to Andrew, but life changes again for Emily when a hurricane threatens her life, the children and Andrew. But still in the background is the issue of Martin. What happened to him? Is he still alive??
I loved the characters, especially Emily, a strong willed and  capable woman who must do what she can to protect those she loves. A totally readable story, rich with the history of Key West and surrounding islands in a time that is full of conflicting feelings toward slavery. The history of the shipwrecks and the salvaging of these wrecks is also a part of the story. There is definitely an element of romance, along with loss and family devotion and love. I highly recommend this novel.
I give it 5 stars…
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  1. Kathleen, I’ve been wanting to thank you since your first entry on my book’s behalf back in July. I’m so happy that you enjoyed my novel. It’s wonderful to receive so much warm encouragement from bloggers like yourself. I really appreciate all the kind things you’ve said (and continue to say!) about “The Woman at the Light”.

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