Unspoken (Highland Historical #1) by Kerrigan Byrne


Published: Marcy 24, 2012

Publisher’s Blurb:

He’s cursed with eternal silence…

Roderick MacLauchlan is death for hire. Blessed by an ancient Deity with Berserker rage, he has the strength of ten men. Cursed by a malicious enemy, he’s incapable of speech. A desperate clan war rages around him and a malevolent adversary lurks in the darkness, calling for blood.

Evelyn Woodhouse is an English refugee with a dangerous secret. She has the ability to see the outcome of tomorrow’s battle and knows they’re on the wrong side of it. When a doomed and silent mercenary rescues her from a fate worse than death, it seems he has his own plans for her. This is his last night alive and she’s never been able to defy destiny. 

Tags: Romance, Historical, Highlander, Paranormal, Short-Story

Time Frame: Aberdeen, Scotland 1411

Heat Level: 3

REVIEW RATING : 3.5 stars


Unspoken is the first book in the Historical Highland series by Kerrigan Byrne and what a start it is! I was hooked into this story from the very beginning.

Evelyn ran from England and ended up a bar maid in Scotland. A war is being waged around her town and the warriors are in her tavern the night before a big battle. One of the warriors accosts Evelyn causing Roderick to come to her defense. Later that night he rescues her once again by asking her into his bed. And what a night they spend!

Evelyn has what is called “the sight”. She can see the future of other people. She decides to warn Roderick that he is in grave danger. Instead she ends up in danger herself, again.

I really enjoyed this short story and was disappointed it ended so early. I would love to read more about Evelyn and Roderick. I found their passion to be hot and intoxicating.  I would have liked to know more about the battles and what the fighting was for. There was also potential to expand on the treachery that Roderick faced.

Overall this is a very good short story and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series. Unwilling is the next story in the series and seems to deal with another Berserker in the family.

Unspoken is available on the Kindle at Amazon for $2.99.


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