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The war between Britain and the French is finally at an end, and the MacKinnons are looking forward to celebrating their first peacetime Christmas in five long years. While Iain and Annie have discovered that the pleasures of marriage grow deeper with time, Morgan and Amalie find themselves at bitter odds. Meanwhile, Connor and Sarah have a newborn son to cherish.

The family’s preparations for the holidays are interrupted when Iain learns that Britain has not paid the Rangers for the summer’s victorious campaigns. Unwilling to let men who fought under the MacKinnon name suffer deprivation at Christmastime, Iain, Morgan, and Connor leave the warmth of their frontier farm for Albany. There, they find their happy Christmas, and even their freedom, at risk at the hands of a ruthless British officer who holds a grudge against them.

With the men gone, Annie, Amalie, and Sarah do their best to prepare for the festivities despite differing traditions, a raging bull—and the gnawing fear that their husbands won’t make it home for Yule.

Events begin the day after the epilogue of Defiant ends. The story includes Joseph, Killy—and revelations about the fate of Lord William Wentworth.

Publisher and Release Date: Pamela Clare, November 2013

RHL Classifications: Romantic Historical Fiction
Time and Setting: Colonial America
Genre: Romance
Heat Rating: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars

Review by Emery

I will preface my review by saying that I absolute LOVE Pamela Clare’s MacKinnon’s Rangers. I feel it is one of the best romantic historical series ever, and certainly should be at the top of anyone’s list who enjoys stories set in colonial America, or who is a fan of Last of the Mohicans (my favorite movie).

The year is 1760 and the seven year war for domination of North America between the French and the English (and their respective Native American Allies) is over. The three MacKinnon brothers are finally settled down to home and hearth with their respective wives and babies, until news of hardship comes to the MacKinnon homestead. Loyal to the core, the three brothers strike out from home determined to right a wrong against their comrades-in-arms. Though Christmas is fast approaching, they will not rest when their fellow Rangers are in want.

This was a very nice feel good Christmas story that served to wrap up a number of loose ends in the series. While I loved seeing all of the various characters, (almost all of the major ones are featured), I wish that it had been longer and more fully developed. With eight different characters POVs presented and about half as many subplots, there was a bit too much for a novella. While many snippets of back-story were included, this was not really needed for fans of this series, and might even confuse those readers unfamiliar with it because there was so much to keep straight.

Since Morgan and Amalie were depicted as having some marital difficulties, I would like to have seen more focus on them with just cameo appearances from everyone else. Having said all this, I have no doubt that all fans of the series will enjoy this story and will be as eagerly hungering for Joseph’s and Wentworth’s upcoming books as I will be.


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