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Morgana Cambel harbors only one wish: To have one night of ecstasy with Robert MacVie. So, when she is offered such a chance—a secret switch—she determines to take it. Robert MacVie, desperately plots to ensnare his heiress lover into marriage in order to gain her dowry and pay his King the debt his late father owed. But a last minute switch changes the course of his life—and his heart—forever.


Cover_Song of the HighlandsAll at once, Robert’s eyes locked on hers. He gave her the most heated, conspiratorial smile she’d e’er seen—or that he’d e’er bestowed upon her. Her nipples tightened under the light wool of her gown. When his eyes dipped to them and an avaricious spark lit their pale gray depths, her canal grew heavy and damp, pulsing in readiness for his next invasion.

“Breathe, or you shall be in a swoon in another moment,” Modron said in a low voice.

Morgana gave her an absent nod, but forced air into her lungs as her maid—who had also become a dear friend these past sennights—had advised her to do.

“My, but your husband is a virile one. ‘Twill not be much longer, I trow, before he’s bred a strong son ‘neath your heart.”

Morgana lifted her hand to that rapidly beating organ and lightly rubbed it with the tip of her fingers.

Her husband clearly misunderstood her action for, in the next second, he was striding toward her. And in not more than five after that, he had her lifted into his arms and was marching them in the direction of the keep’s front entrance.

Aye, Morgana thought happily, ‘twould not be many more days, she was sure, until she’d have his babe growing inside her.


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Publisher and Release Date: Passionflower Publishing, May 2014

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: Medieval Scotland
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Susan

A gripping raconteur, K.E. Saxon has crafted a story about true love amidst tragedy, betrayal, treachery, and personal struggles set in Medieval Scotland. Song of the Highlands has action, drama and suspense along with a steamy affair. The lulls in the pacing help build up the plot while also holding the reader’s attention and sinking the audience deeper into the conflict. There is always something happening which knits secondary romances into the fabric of the tale with subplots that enrich the depth of the characters. Ms Saxon’s writing style flows naturally and gives the story a conversational flare; her characters speak like everyday people making them easily identifiable to the reader.

The heroine, Morgana Cambel has a heart-wrenching backstory. Made an orphan after her parents are slain, she is placed in a nunnery until her deceitful uncle takes her away, set on using her as a pawn in a game designed to serve his purposes and deny her happiness. Her determination to not let the tragedies in her life ruin her is inspiring as she persists in showing a love for others. Justice is served when the scarred Morgana falls in love with the Scottish Laird Robert MacVie and he with her. There is a genuine quality in their affection for one another that makes them each likeable and trustworthy.

There are several villains in the story coming between Morgana and Robert. They add well-placed twists into the tale which keep the plot moving. It takes a while for the evil-doers to pay the price for their horrific deeds and for Morgana to have her retribution. The moments of treachery are evened-out by scenes of affection, the level of sensuality between Morgana and Robert both hot and tastefully written.

Every moment of introspection and interaction between the characters has significance, and every character helps to understand Morgana’s and Robert’s struggles, and the scenic descriptions give readers a sense of Medieval Scotland. Song of the Highlands is a story that sweeps the reader away, escaping into another world, sinking them into a passionate love affair that holds true to the expectations of a Medieval Scottish romance.


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About the Author

AuthorpicK.E. Saxon is a third-generation Texan and has been a lover of romance fiction since her first (sneaked) read of her older sister’s copy of The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She has two cats, a 26-year-old cockatiel, and a funny, supportive husband. When she isn’t in her writer’s cave writing, you can find her puttering in her organic vegetable garden or in her kitchen trying out a new recipe. An animal (and bug) lover since before she could speak, she made pets of all kinds of critters when she was a kid growing up. Her mother even swears that she made a pet of a cockroach one time (but K.E. doesn’t believe her). She likes to write humorous, sexy romances.

You can connect with K.E at: her website * ~ * ~ * Blog * ~ * ~ * Twitter * ~ * ~ * Facebook * ~ * ~ * Pinterest * ~ * ~ * Google+

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  1. Absolutely love your books Ms. Saxon!! I look forward to reading many more of your books. Can’t wait to read the next installment of your Highlander books!!

  2. Thanks for the review!! After reading it, I can’t wait for an opportunity to read it. I will be adding this title to my reading list!! I am glad I came across it while I had the time to look to see what has been posted.

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