Once a notorious rake, Camden Folk, Marquis of Warbury, is now consumed by desire for only one woman: beautiful young widow Frances Burdett. And the Yuletide festivities at his country estate present the perfect opportunity for seduction…

After her brief and unsatisfying marriage, Frances Burdett swore never to become tied to another man. Then a passionate kiss under the mistletoe reawakens longings she thought buried forever. But can she give in to the pleasures of the body with a rogue like Cam—without losing her heart?

RHL Classifications:


Romance novella

heat level 2

Review rating 4.5 stars


Every year at this time, a glut of “Christmas” romances appear, many of which are not really Christmas related at all, but just packaged as such to sell to those readers desiring an infusion of holiday cheer.

A LADY’S LESSON is not one of these, but a delightfully well-researched story rife with quaint and colorful Yuletide traditions that are worked beautifully into a charming romance.

I adored the hero Cam, Marquis of Warbury, who is what I would classify as a repentant rake; for the seduction of women for no other purpose, has lost it’s appeal. Secretly, Cam has been carrying a torch for a young widow named Frances Burdett, and holds himself partly to blame for her husband’s death.

Frances’ short marriage was an unhappy one, and an experience she has vowed never to repeat, due much in part to her dissatisfaction and disillusionment regarding marital relations. Cam knows this, knows her husband was a jackass, and is pained that she would choose to waste her passion and spend her life alone. Thus, he vows to show her what could be with the right man, with the lover he wishes to be. The lessons Cam gives Frances in seduction are slow, patient, romantic, believable, and utterly delicious. Here’s a sample:

He kissed the fingertips of his gloves and blew. ‘That wasn’t so bad, was it?’

She huffed.

He picked a berry from the mistletoe and dropped it. ‘We’ll make it a very light kiss,’ he said, coming closer. ‘Short and sweet.’

She didn’t trust him; she wanted yet didn’t want—

A flurry of snow tumbled from the branches above, distracting her. He swooped in, dropped a swift, cold kiss on her lips, and drew away—but not far. ‘Was that too unbearable?’ Another mistletoe berry fell to the snow.

‘No, of course not,’ she said, ‘but—’

‘Well, then.’ He took her hand and pulled her around the tree. ‘If you don’t want me to invade you—accidentally, needless to say—you’ll have to keep your mouth shut.’

‘You mustn’t do this—’

‘Of course I must. No talking.’

She gave up, shutting both her mouth and her eyes. It was her own fault for coming to the orchard this morning, but she’d enjoyed their time together in the middle of the night so very much. It was only a kiss.

Nothing happened. She opened her eyes again. He was contemplating her mouth from under his lashes. ‘You have lovely lips.’

Through her teeth, she said, ‘Get it over with.’

‘I’ve never kissed a martyr before.’ His lips curled in a lazy smile, and then he pressed his mouth coolly to hers and withdrew again. ‘It requires a more careful approach than we disgustingly hasty men are used to.’ He flicked another berry off the sprig.

She couldn’t help but watch his mouth. What was he going to do, and when?

‘Close your eyes, and whatever happens, keep your lips together.’

This time his mouth lingered on hers a few seconds, then pressed light kisses from one corner of her lips to the other. Kiss. ‘One.’ Kiss. ‘Two.’ Kiss. ‘Three.’


As a reader it was easy to sympathize with Frances and even easier to fall in love with the kind, sweet, and delectably sexy Cam!

A LADY’S LESSON IN SEDUCTION is a thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended holiday treat!


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