Australia 1850. Phillippa Noble, strong minded, spirited, and adventurous, urges and encourages her parents and twin to emigrate to the distant land of Australia to begin again. In a new country they can put their tainted past behind them and Pippa can forget the unrequited love she felt for a distant cousin. Pippa blossoms in the new country and is determined that their horse stud will be the finest in the land.

However, circumstances ensure that not all is golden. For every success, she has to bear up under the challenges of bushfire, death, the return of an old love, and danger on the goldfields. Her strength is tested as she tries to find the right path to happiness, but it is the near loss of her dearest friend that makes her realise true contentment rests within her grasp and she must not let it go.

RHL CLassifications:

Victorian Era

Romantic Historical Fiction

Heat Level 1

Reviewer Rating 5 Stars

**Recommended for RHL 2013 reading challenge**


Phillippa Nobel learns about the frailty of men at a young age. A catalogue of business failures bring him to a last ditch effort to make his fortune by investing in a parcel of land in Australia he has never seen. Phillippa and her twin sister leave England with their parents, but the culture shock is too much for all but Phillippa, the only member of the family determined to turn this unwise gamble into a home for them all.

Leaving her family behind in the nearest town, Phillippa sets off for the homestead, determined to establish a breeding program producing the finest horses in the county. Immediately, she comes up against the savage Australian country, as well as the prejudices against late 19th Century women trying to run a business, as well as the vagaries of nature at its most powerful.

When a face from the past Phillippa imagined she had put firmly behind her resurfaces, she finds she has yet another struggle on her hands, this one every bit as tough as the outback. From the first page, readers will cry, fight and strive with Phillipa Noble through bushfires, death and danger in the goldfields, until she discovers what it is she really wants.

About the Reviewer:

Anita Davison is a Historical Fiction Author whose latest release, ‘Royalist Rebel’ is being published by Claymore Books in 2013


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