This blog was created  by a group of authors, avid readers, and bloggers to spotlight the books we love most.  Our goal is to review 20-30 romantic historical titles (to include all the various sub-genres) each month, and to provide you with interesting insights and historical tidbits  along the way.  We will also make a point of highlighting bargain e-books that we review. We hope you will subscribe to receive our intelligent reviews and exciting features.


5 STARS = Perfection (a book that is superbly written and researched and represents the best blend of history and romance)

4-4.5 STARS= Not quite perfect but pretty darned close! (A well -written and researched book that we strongly recommend)

3.5 STARS= A few minor flaws but still a great read. (We enjoyed the book and would definitely read more by this author)

**We do not review any books that we did not enjoy enough to give at least 3 stars.**



We review all heat levels from inspirational to scorching hot.  We do not accept erotica, homo-erotic, or menage. All reviews are categorized by heat level as follows:

1 = Very mild, no sex, or closed door sex

2= Moderate sexual content – there is some use of explicit language, but the emphasis is on the romantic aspect of the relationship

3= Frequent and/or explicit sexual content


Authors, readers, and book reviewers have all been greatly impacted by the current publishing revolution. For authors, (especially new ones) it has meant competing for attention and mostly drowning in a virtual tsunami of new releases. For readers, it has meant many dollars wasted in trying to sort the wheat from the chaff within the plethora of e-book bargains. And even the most voracious readers within the community of reviewers / book bloggers have become so overwhelmed with requests that many are limiting what they accept to authors and/or publishers that they already know, or in some cases, shutting down their blogs altogether.

We hope that you will find our opinions and recommendations useful. With so many books available at so many different price points, it can sometimes be difficult to root out the books you are likely to enjoy. Reading recommendations from people whose tastes and opinions are similar to our own can really help us make the best decision as to where to spend our hard-earned cash, and that’s what Romantic Historical Reviews aims to do. We’re passionate about sharing our favorite books that combine the best of history and romance so that others may enjoy them, and to encourage and support the new authors we discover along the way.


  • A commitment for each reviewer to review at least one book per month, although more are encouraged.
  • A full review comprised of at least 3 paragraphs/200 words without spoilers
  • No snarky reviews. If the reader did not enjoy the book, no review would be posted.
  • We will highlight new authors and e-book bargains
  • We will also feature “guest authors” whose work we feel represents a perfect blend of history and romance

Interested authors, publishers, and prospective reviewers should direct inquiries to: romantichistoricallovers@gmail.com


Romantic Historical Reviews obtains books for review from various sources, including authors, publishers and providers such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. Review copies are accepted on the basis that the opinions expressed in the review will be honest and not in any way affected by the fact that a review copy has been provided free of charge.

Romantic Historical Reviews receives a small commission for purchases made through the links to Amazon.com in our posts.

5 Responses

  1. I was just wondering if you could also post here the rating scale for HEAT so I have a better idea of what I’m getting myself into when I pick up a new title. With so many reviewers, it would be nice to have a general scale for everyone to follow. Thanks!

  2. I would like to thank you for this blog. I appreciate the fact that you are using the term Romantic Historical. As an author with a 2015 release date for my debut novel set in Late Antiquity Rome and France, I feel that my historical setting and its events contribute immensely to the romance that drives the plot. There are many classic historical novels driven by a romance. Also, I enjoyed the review and the reviewer of Mistress of Raghery. She brought to the readers attention the pure form of the Gothic novel, and the writer’s ability to add a modern touch to the genre. I’m an English teacher who appreciates this type of input. I will be purchasing this book based on the review. Thanks- Cynthia Ripley Miller

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