From time to time, we look to recruit new reviewers to our team. We ask that you commit to review a minimum of two books per month, which can be books of your own choice (in consultation with the editor), or chosen from the requests for review that are sent out on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in joining us here at Romantic Historical Reviews, please contact Caz at, attaching two reviews – one of a book you loved and one of a book you thought was average.

Alternatively, if your chosen reviews are already online, you can include links to them in the contact form below.

Thanks for your interest in Romantic Historical Reviews.

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  1. I am a first and foremost an avid reader and then a writer of historical romance novels.

    I am sure that most of you agree that this genre is the most popular one in the book world today.

    Despite the immense popularity, there is a severe lack of films adapted from some great current writers.

    I am undertaking a project to produce a film adapted from my own novel, in hopes of creating interest and encouraging new films to be made.

    I would appreciate if you would allow me to post some blogs about this in your website.

    Thanking you

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