Affaire de Coeur By Stephanie O’Hanlon



An unforgettable romance in the most scandalous of eras in history. Paris, May 1770-in the midst of aristocracy-country girl, Madeleine Dumont is privileged to partake in social events while living with her friend Colette du Lorme, daughter of a Marquis. While following in the shadow of her popular and socially versed friend, she is caught up with her infatuation with a man-a Comte. Lucien de Laurent is one of King Louis XV’s favorites and established bachelor social recluse. How does a woman win such a man without playing the game?

RHL CLassifications

Setting: Paris, France 1770

Historical Romance 

Heat level 2

3.5 Stars


Madeleine Dumont, a naive country girl travels to Paris to stay with her best friend, Colette du Lorme, the daughter of a marquis. Madeleine is overwhelmed by the splendor of Colette’s family mansion. Colette takes Madeleine to soirees and balls attended by high society. Madeleine feels out of place with Colette’s much more sophisticated and caddy friends with their scandalous behavior.

At a fete held by Vicomtesse, Constanze “Stanzy” de Guillaume, one of Colette’s friends, Madeleine meets the Comte, Lucien de Laurent. Madeleine is instantly attracted to him, but she isn’t able to talk with him long, because Colette has just had a spate with her chevalier, Vachel and they must leave.

A couple of weeks later, Madeleine and Colette attend a musicale held at a friend of the Marquis. Comte de Laurent approaches her. She finds out that she was invited because the Comte wanted to see her again. Colette convinces Madeleine to send the Comte a note inviting him over and the couple begin a secret love affair, spanning the summer.  The story has a very nice and satisfying ending.

Ms. O’Hanlon paints a vivid picture of the setting, scenery and costumes of this period, but she spends too much time on the description, which bogged down the story a bit. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline was interesting, just not riveting.


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