An Unconventional Courtship by Becky Lower


An Unconventional Courtship

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Charlotte Ashcroft knows her family would never approve of her attending a women’s rights speech in New York City alone. So when a busybody from back home confronts Charlotte, she grabs the man in a jaunty blue hat nearby and introduces him as her escort.

George Fitzpatrick had boarded the new omnibus intent on nothing more than a ride from one point to another. Until that gorgeous young blonde suddenly claimed he was her chaperone. What’s an up-and-coming young banker to do but help a lady out?

Charlotte knows exactly what she wants, but can she convince a man who is her opposite that he can’t live without her?


Publisher and Release Date: Crimson Romance, June 2015

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: New York City 1829
Heat Level: 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Wendy

I loved this sweet little novella, which is well written and easy to read. Set in New York City in 1829, we have a smart, sassy girl who is very independent and sure about what she wants from life and unafraid to go right out there and get it. And she’s matched with an equally smart and confident young man, sure of his place in the world and how he can better it – and making the perfect family is high on the list.

Charlotte Ashcroft is an avid supporter of women’s rights and is on her way to a listen to speech on the subject in New York City when she spots the young man whom she decides, almost immediately, will be her husband. The problem is this – how will she get the handsome man in the jaunty blue hat to see things as she does? Little does this manipulative but likeable young miss know that George is equally smitten and equally set on his course.

There follow many machinations on Charlotte’s part. ‘Arranging’ coincidences in an amusing manner, she twists her parents around her little finger and even does a little matchmaking of her own regarding other young people who may interfere with her very precise plans for the future. George, meanwhile is busy doing his own ‘arranging’ and it’s fairly obvious that this delightful young couple will have a happy ending – together.

This charming little story was a breath of fresh air, a prequel to the Cotillion Ball Saga which, I understand, follows the lives of the children Charlotte and George will eventually have, and which series I have the pleasure of adding to my TBR list. This is one of those reads that left me smiling.


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