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Thank you so much for this opportunity to introduce, Embracing Romance, an exciting and eclectic new blog comprised of sixteen authors whose collective works offer something for every romance lover.

As individuals, we represent a wide spectrum of historical periods from ancient to contemporary, and heat levels from sweet to scorching. Our authors write the heroes of our hearts to include Vikings and Highlanders, Rakes and Rogues, Cowboys and Navy seals among many others.

Although we are a diverse group, our motto, Heat, Heart, and History, defines our common bond. We all believe in heat, the endless tension and attraction between our heroes and heroines—whether it’s between the sheets or expressed through witty dialogue and elegant narrative. We believe in heart as the soul of any book. We believe in history, resurrecting historical characters we admire or creating new ones—capturing a moment in time that changes our lives forever. Most of all, we believe in the happily-ever-afters that we all dream of.

Here is a sample of our authors and books. Please click on any slide to go to the author’s page. We hope you will take some time to explore our site and our books.

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Embrace the story, never forget the romance.



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