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Today we have a guest post from Author Wendy Vella. Wendy Vella is the author of The Reluctant Countess. Today Wendy is here talking with us about writing historical romantic fiction.

Wendy VellaFirstly can I say thanks so much for hosting me here today and hello from down under.

Born in New Zealand I’m a Kiwi to my toes and love my homeland passionately. I live with my husband of 29 years and have two children who have surprisingly morphed from hideous teenagers into fairly exceptional young adults.

My first taste of romance novels came when my mother hid my Jill’s Pony Club manual and replaced it with a Mills & Boons (to broaden my mind of course) and I remember thinking the hero was one arrogant bastard who needed a swift kick but by the end I was as smitten as he. Intrigued, I then read These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer, and the rest as they say is history. My love of the Regency Era started from that moment.

I wrote my first contemporary novel aged 19 and that will never see daylight I can assure you, but when I need a good laugh I drag it out of the shoe box it’s hidden in. I wrote my first historical novel at 23.

I love the Regency era and I’ve always felt there’s something a bit special about writing in a time that I or my parents were never part of – you’re really only limited by your imagination. I love the secrets and nuances of that era, the scandals and dramas. It was a time that lent itself to romance and intrigue and because I’ve never experienced it first hand you get a certain amount of creative licence. We have plenty of research tools at our fingertips but writing historicals gives me the freedom to create, more so than when I write contemporary. I love imagining life back then, describing what they wore or saw. Just imagine walking into one of those ballrooms in Regency London, the feast of color and noise, the dancing! The rules and regulations they lived by were amazing, I mean never wear pearls or diamonds in the morning!’ Who made up this stuff? I wonder if having them on your clothing or in your hair counts? Were emeralds, rubies and sapphires acceptable?

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Reluctant Countess

From Wendy Vella comes a Cinderella story of whirlwind passion between a dashing earl and a beautiful countess—and the secret that threatens to tear them apart.

Regal, poised, and elegant, Sophie, Countess of Monmouth, is everything that a highborn lady should be. But Sophie is hiding a past that is far from royal. When Patrick, Earl of Coulter, realizes that her story doesn’t add up, he resolves to find out the truth of what Sophie and her sister-in-law are concealing. Although Sophie has every reason to avoid him, the handsome and charismatic Patrick awakens something wicked deep within her soul . . . a powerful need that Sophie must stifle in order to protect her place in society.

Despite Sophie’s humble background, the raven-haired beauty has won Patrick’s heart. But what Sophie needs now is an ally. Viscount Myles Dumbly, the disgruntled former heir of Monmouth, is determined to expose Sophie as a fraud to recapture his lost inheritance. Soon Patrick is drawn into a fight for both their lives. Somehow he must find a way not only to rescue Sophie from poverty once and for all, but to keep her in his arms forever.

**Available on Amazon for $2.99**

Excerpt from the Reluctant Countess

“If only she had a small imperfection.”

“What?” Patrick, Earl of Coulter, tore his eyes from the top of the stairs to glare at his friend.

“The countess.” Lord Sumner swept his hand in an arc that encompassed most of the assembled guests. “I was saying that some sort of imperfection would detract from her goddesslike beauty. Perhaps a lisp? Alas, no,” he added seconds later. “A lisp would merely make her sweet and beautiful.”

“Idiot,” the earl muttered, propping one shoulder against the silk-covered wall. His gaze returned to where the countess now stood. Poised on the top step of the Duke of Rookvale’s ballroom, she appeared motionless; only her eyes moved as they passed over the guests milling below.

“Perhaps a mole with several long dark hairs,” Lord Sumner mused, “on the end of her little nose?”

Patrick watched the countess descend. Tonight her raven locks were piled high and clasped with a single diamond pin; several long curls had been artfully teased to lie on one slender shoulder. Created to torment, her dress was cut low in the bodice, allowing a glimpse of the lush curves that lay beneath, and with every step she took the skirts caressed her legs in a swirl of emerald satin. Patrick dreamt about those legs—naked and wrapped around his body. Even from a distance, his muscles clenched at the thought of her lying beneath him, skin gleaming, lips red from his kisses. Bloody woman. From the first glance, she had taken up residence in his head, and he wanted her out. Patrick didn’t obsess over women—he took what he wanted when he wanted it. Usually his affairs were brief yet satisfactory for both parties and he was always the one in control. The countess, however, was another matter. Something about her reached out to him and he wanted her with a desperation no other had made him feel. Yet he would never act on that desperation because the countess was a fraud, and there was nothing Patrick hated more than people who set out to deliberately deceive others.

“Did you just growl, Coulter?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Patrick snapped, following the countess’s progress until she reached the bottom step. Once again she became motionless. It was as if she held her breath, yet those eyes moved in every direction, seeking, searching, but for what?

“To be her lady’s maid for just one day,” Lord Sumner sighed.


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  1. Very nice post but I have to admit it’s Lord Sumner gave me the final nudge to read this ~ I love when there’s a cheeky friend to lighten up the story!

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