‘Tis the Season for Scandal…

Years ago Lady Louisa Windham acted rashly on a dare from her brother, and that indiscretion is about to come to light. She knows her reputation will never survive exposure. Just as she’s nearly overwhelmed by her dilemma, Sir Joseph Carrington offers himself to her as a solution… But Sir Joseph has secrets as well, and as he and Louisa become entangled with each other, their deceptions begin to close in on them both…


Regency Period, England

Heat Rating 2

Rating 4.5 stars

Reviewed by Lady Blue

Sir Joseph is back home after soldiering in the war against Boney.  His leg was badly injured and he now has a permanent limp.  He is widowed and has two young daughters who could use a mother.  He is acquainted with Louisa Windham, and admires her, but feels his station is too far below the daughter of a duke.  Louisa has been out several seasons, and wants to give up the search for a husband.  No man has captured her affections, or even her interest.  She is actually extremely intelligent, and the usual frivolous ton activities no longer seem bearable.

It’s now the Christmas season, and a certain blackmailer is determined not to be jolly.  He has found out secrets about both Louisa and Joseph.  If word were to get out about something Louisa did several years ago, she would be instantly ruined, and it would also affect her two remaining unmarried sisters.  Meanwhile, there is apparently something scandalous happening in Joseph’s life, as well.  If Louisa were to find out, she surely wouldn’t continue to esteem him.  (Would she?)  As the two become close, and plan a quick wedding to avert scandal from an incident that happened to Louisa, the blackmailer steps up his game.  Will he manage to ruin their blossoming love?

I adored this book.  Joseph is steadfast, honorable, and sexy.  Louisa is kind, knows what she wants, and just needs to do things that have value.  I love how they interacted, and it was a joy to watch them fall in love, and to see them continue to believe in each other, even in the face of some daunting circumstances.  It was wonderful to see how her family rallied around her.   The glimpses into the lives of her siblings may tempt readers to visit their stories, as well.  This is a highly recommended read, and the Christmas part is really incidental.  It’s a story for any season. 

This book will be released Oct 2 in paperback for $7.99.  It will be available on Kindle for $6.79.


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