SkySpark Books, January 2013


He was a walking scandal, she was a proper young woman… 

A rake’s cruel prank leaves the blind Olivia Blake ripe for humiliation on a ballroom dance floor. Then an even more notorious rake sweeps her into his arms. Soon she is seduced by the charm of Adrian Calwell, the scandal-chased Baron of Norbury. Adrian’s only goal in rescuing Olivia was to thwart his rival’s heartless trick. But Olivia is well worth rescuing, and Adrian is eager to put his life as a rake behind him. Can Adrian rise above his sordid past to win Olivia’s love? Set against the backdrop of Regency London, Love is Blind is a sweet and surprising novella that proves innocence and experience can be a perfect match.

RHL Classifications

Sweet Regency Romance


Heat Rating 1 (Kisses)

Reviewer rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Lady Blue

Olivia has been blind since she was seven years old and contracted an illness.  She is now a young lady, and has a loving family who has made every effort to allow her to have as normal a life as possible.  She  attends social functions, and even dances on occasion.  On one such occasion, her dancing partner attempts to play a cruel prank by deserting her on the dance floor in the middle of a waltz, leaving her confused and near panic.  Another man, Adrian, has been watching and sees what is happening.  He steps in and continues the dance with her, then escorts her outside.

Although Adrian’s only thought was to rescue Olivia, he finds her charming and wants to see more of her.   Sounds like the beginning of a lovely romance, except that Adrian has lived a very eventful life and has a well deserved reputation as a rake.  Olivia’s family won’t allow him to court her.  The couple manages to meet secretly on a few occasions, and Adrian decides he is serious.  He asks Olivia’s guardian for permission to marry her and is refused.  It seems that his reputation is too much to overcome, and some villain has been spreading rumors, making things worse.  The path to happy-ever-after for this couple is bumpy indeed.

This was a sweet and very short read.  I enjoyed it, but roughly fifty pages does not allow for much character development.  I would have liked to know more about Adrian’s past, and his motivations for some of the things he did.  I like this author’s style, and would like to see what she does with a full length novel.

Currently available as a kindle book for $2.99


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  1. I’m all for novellas, but I agree, you’ve got to make them long enough for a full story to develop. I’m intrigued by the blind heroine, though. I may have to check this one out! Great review!

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