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For fans of Downton Abbey and readers of Jude Deveraux and Teresa Medeiros comes a brand-new tale of a love that dares to defy time itself…
When psychic Laura Dearborn inherits Stonecross Hall in 1926, she has no idea she’s inheriting a love story too-one that she’s lived again and again. But as Alaric Storm III, the handsome owner of the mansion from sixty years earlier, starts to haunt her waking dreams, Laura discovers her heart’s true home has always been within Stonecross’s walls.

Tormented by memories of war, Alaric Storm III is used to spirits-just not ones from the future. Set on fire by Laura’s ghostly affections, Alaric is forced to choose: follow his heart and grasp Laura’s hand through time, or surrender to the call of duty and live without love. As All Hallows’ Eve draws near, Alaric and Laura must find a way to hold on to each other forever-or risk repeating their tragic romance until the end of time.


RHFL Classifications

Historical Romance with paranormal elements

Late Victorian and Early 20th century

Heat level: 3

Reviewer Rating 4 stars (DEBUT)


Laura Dearborn has always had a gift of communing with the dead. So it seems natural that after the Great War she gives up her nursing career for a life of reading tarot cards and holding séances. On her twenty-eighth birthday in 1926 she receives a house and a fortune left to her by an unknown benefactor. Stonecross Hall, Dartmoor has always been in her dreams, even as a child. She has a connection to the house somehow. It seems fitting that she should inherit it.

In 1866, Alaric Storm is ready to celebrate his thirtieth birthday. He has an almost-fianceé, Ellen everyone expects him to marry. But after returning from the Crimean War, his life has become a routine existence. Until he meets Laura.

This is a beautifully rendered timeslip novel. Both the settings of the 1920s and the 1860s are well-drawn. The supernatural elements whilst pivotal to the plot do not deluge the historical details. The romance follows rather quickly but given the understanding that Alaric and Laura have been waiting for each other, it’s logical. The prose is lovely.

The pacing at the beginning is a little slow. But the author has a beautiful voice with a fine grasp on the nuances of language for historical fiction. A recommended read for lovers of historical romance and romantic historical fiction.



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