Award-winning author Kaki Warner presents a romantic and poignant short novel about following your heart, no matter the cost.
Amidst the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains in 1871, Daniel Hobart keeps to himself—a man with a hole in his heart that matches the scar on his face. But when Daniel starts having visions of a young girl crying out for help, he begins to fear that solitude may have caused him to lose his mind. Determined to find out the truth about the mysterious girl, Daniel travels into New Hope and learns that she’s the missing daughter of widow Lacy Ellis.

After a year of heartbreak, Lacy isn’t sure what to make of Daniel’s claims of seeing her daughter. But when he sets out to find Hannah on his own, Lacy decides to join him, allowing herself one last chance to hope. And as they retrace the long-cold trail of Hannah’s disappearance, two broken people manage to take some small comfort in each other, and in the possibility of a miracle…

RHFL Classification:

Historical Romance

1871, Rocky Mountains

Heat Rating 2/3


REVIEW BY : Genevieve Graham

I am an author, but I am also an editor. Sometimes that makes it difficult for me when I am reading because, while I am used to working with my clients’ voices, I still need the words to flow well and bring me into a story. Otherwise reading almost becomes a chore, and that’s a very bad thing. Many a book has been set aside when my editing brain just can’t take it anymore. When I read a book (or in this case an e-novella) by Kaki Warner, I feel like I have come home after a long day. Like I have just settled in front of a crackling fireplace with hot chocolate in hand (maybe with a little shot of peppermint schnapps in there just for fun).

Miracle in New Hope was no exception, even though it is only about half the length of Ms Warner’s regular novels. By page three I was already emotionally hitched to her hero, and that was way before he even realized he was a hero. Her bright and feisty heroine had a major tragedy to overcome, and he seems the last person on earth who might be able to help, but love prevails as it always does in Ms Warner’s novels. I ached for both leads, I laughed out loud, and I lost myself in the beautiful winter world she created in the town of New Hope. Can’t wait for her next novel … Coming soon!


Genevieve Graham started writing when she was in her forties, inspired by the work of the legendary Diana Gabaldon. Her first two novels, “Under the Same Sky” and “Sound of the Heart” were published by Berkley Sensation/Penguin US in 2012. The third in the series, “Out of the Shadows” will be released Aug/Sept 2013. Genevieve writes what she calls “Historical Fiction” rather than “Historical Romance,” meaning she concentrates on the stories and adventures, and she doesn’t turn away from the ugly truths of the times. Romance binds her stories together, but it is not the primary focus. Genevieve also runs her own Editing business and has helped dozens of authors with their novels.



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