SALT REDUX by Lucinda Brant


Sequel to Salt Bride- Salt Hendon series book 2


Jane and Salt — four years of Happily Ever After

Sir Antony Templestowe — four years of Exile
Lady Caroline — four years of Heartache
Diana St. John — four years plotting Revenge
The time has come

RHL Classifications

Setting: Georgian England

Historical Romance

Heat Level 1

5 Stars/Top Pick


 Although Book 1, Salt Bride, was my favorite, Lucinda Brant has written another superb romance set in Georgian England. Her descriptions of the life and times of the period are quite breathtaking. Her characters are charismatic and appealing faults and all. Four years ago, Sir Anthony Templestowe, who has loved Lady Caroline for years, loses any chance of marrying her due to mistakes they both make. He has now returned from Russia, supposedly a new man, having overcome an inherent weakness. He believes Lady Caroline has married another, but is drawn back to London by the ingenious plotting of cunning villainess.

Apart from the skillfully woven romance between Sir Anthony and Lady Caroline, the chilling suspense plot kept me reading and on the edge of my seat. Salt and his wife, Jane, have returned to London with a new baby and unwittingly exposed their family to great danger.

While Salt was a great favorite of mine, Sir Anthony is also a very attractive hero. Brant resists intense love scenes between him and Lady Caroline, while still revealing their passionate impatience for each other. I enjoy Brant’s humor as well as the beautifully wrought historical detail, and look forward to her next book.

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