SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Wilda’s Outlaw by Velda Brotherton



Calder Raines and his outlaw gang may be more than Wilda bargained for. All she wanted was to escape an unwanted marriage, now she finds herself in the arms of a tantalizing man whose warm kisses arouse a storm of forbidden desires. Calder never wanted to rob banks, but it’s a family tradition. When he embraces the alluring redhead, passion conquers good sense and he imagines a life he cannot have. He vows to return her to the Lord’s castle before she gets hurt.


“You want me to kidnap you so you don’t have to marry this remittance man?”

“Remittance…? I…never mind, that is essentially it, yes. I don’t wish to marry Lord Prescott.”

“What do you think they’ll do to me if they catch us?”

She shrugged, then remembered he couldn’t see her in the dark. “Well, but they are already going to hang you if they catch you. Is that not so? So what difference would it make?”

He uttered some words under his breath that she didn’t understand, but she decided it was best that way. “I suppose that’s true,” he finally said. “But tell me one reason why I ought to do this. Just one would do, two would be better.”


“Or are you uppity English so used to having your way you thought all you had to do was ask? What’s in it for me, lady?”

Uppity? How dare he? Her tongue stuck to the roof of her dry mouth, and it was a moment before she could go on. Afraid to reply to his second question, for fear he might be getting at something she wouldn’t want to deal with, she answered the first. “No. I don’t recall ever having my way. Not since my parents were killed and they sent me to that orphanage.”

A short silence, followed by a snort. “Oh, that’s good. Make me feel sorry for you. I watched my father murdered and my mother died of the pox when I was off fighting the damned Yankees, who burned down our house and killed both my brothers. Nobody’s ever given a damn about any of that, and they sure as hell won’t give me any breaks when they go to hang me, so why should I give you any?”

She thought about that. He was right of course. She had said nearly the same on occasion.

“I’m sorry about your family, but at least I didn’t start robbing and killing people.”

“No, you just sold yourself to a man and now you want out of it.”

“That’s not exactly true.”

“And it’s not true I’ve killed…well, except in the war, and that doesn’t count. Where’d you get that idea anyway?”

“I suppose I…oh, I have no idea. I just thought – ”

“Thinking’s not good. Tell me, what do you suggest I do with you…that is, if I agree to this crazy idea?”

“Do with me?”

“Well, I can’t carry you around on the back of my horse the rest of my life, or stuff you in my saddle bags and only let you out to…uh, do your business once in a while.”


What is the name of the series in which Wilda’s Outlaw is #1?

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About the Author

new VeldaVelda Brotherton writes of romance in the old west with an authenticity that makes her many historical characters ring true. A knowledge of the rich history of our country comes through in both her fiction and nonfiction books, as well as in her writing workshops and speaking engagements. Tough heroines, strong and gentle heroes, villains to die for, all live in the pages of her novels and books.

You can find Velda at: Twitter, Facebook, website, Amazon.


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