RELEASE DATE: Carina Press (October 8, 2012)


German-occupied Brussels, Belgium Great War, 1914

British Red Cross nurse Maria Hunt lives in daily fear that the Germans will uncover her secret: she helps wounded British soldiers escape. Lieutenant John Bennet is wounded and running out of options. Trapped behind enemy lines while collecting intelligence, he needs to get out of Belgium if he’s going to escape with the information and his life. Maria is devoted to her patients and her cause, but something else compels her to risk her life for this soldier. While a man of Lieutenant Bennet’s station would barely speak to her in other circumstances, something in his kind eyes inspires a passion deep within her. As his injuries worsen, can Maria find the courage to guide him through the war-torn countryside? And should they make it back to England, will their burgeoning desire survive the ravages of war?

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Lieutenant John Bennet has been wounded in the leg and needs medical assistance. Deep behind enemy lines in Belgium during the First World War, he makes it to a hospital where he’s been told the medical staff will help a British soldier. Nurse Maria Hunt comes across John hiding in a cupboard, but with German soldiers searching for him, he’s put her and the hospital in danger. Since Maria is British, the Germans want to question her. It’s now no longer safe for her to stay in Belgium. Together John and Maria make their way across Belgium to the border with The Netherlands and safety. There are so few romances set in WW1 and WW2, that this alone makes Saving the Rifleman worth reading. Though quite a short read it’s written very well with enough action and historical detail to balance the romance. Having said that, the romance does happen fairly quickly, but plausibly. A great, little historical romance that would suit readers who enjoy a story set in a different era to the usual.

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