Sawyer’s Rose (The McCades of Cheyenne #1) by Kim Turner


sawyer's rose

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As if he doesn’t have enough to handle between running outlaws out of Cheyenne, keeping his brothers out of trouble, and avenging his father’s death, Sheriff Sawyer McCade’s meddling mother just dumped a mysterious mail-order bride on his doorstep. One woman can be more trouble than a band of renegades, and while this one has him all stirred up, he’d rather get to the bottom of the story she isn’t telling.

Rose Parker had it all—until a web of danger and deceit sends her running to Cheyenne posing as a mail-order bride. Escaping the evils of New York seems sensible until she meets the unsuspecting sheriff who didn’t ask for her, has no intention of marrying her, and won’t rest until he uncovers her secret and sends her back home.


Publisher and Release Date: The Wild Rose Press, 18 March, 2016

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, 1878
Genre: Western Historical Romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review by Jill

When Sawyer McCade was seventeen years-old, his father was killed by an unknown assailant. As the eldest son, he was riding with his father – a lawyer and entrepreneur – and a small group of surveyors and investors, to interest them in the development of cities and railroads on the Great Plains. His father’s last words instructed him to look after his three younger brothers, and keep the family together. Sawyer vowed to avenge his father.

Fifteen years later, Sawyer is sheriff in Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory. It’s 1878 and the era of the Wild West; and Sawyer is busy maintaining law and order in the town. He also has his hands full as head of the family keeping his brothers in line: Wyatt, the bounty hunter, Dawson, who helps as translator and negotiator with the government for the Cheyenne, and Evan, the ranch manager. When his mother decides that he’s too busy to find himself a wife, she sends for a mail-order bride without his knowledge, only adding to Sawyer’s headaches.

When attractive and well-educated Rose Parker arrives from New York City, alarm bells start to ring for Sawyer. This lady could easily snare a husband; she did not need to become a mail-order bride and Sawyer figures out pretty quickly she must be running from something or someone. Despite how attracted he might be to Rose, he still doesn’t want a wife. When Rose refuses to return to New York, she takes a job with the local newspaper. Sawyer is soon to realise that Rose isn’t the only one with a past that’s going to catch up with them.

Overall this is an impressive début. At more than 300 pages the author has allowed the story to develop and the romance to blossom. The writing is solid and suits the western story with its pragmatic prose. What carries this story though, is the terrific action scenes, the historical western setting, and the brothers – their love for each other, their rivalry, their interactions and dialogue.

The story is fast-paced, with a lot happening: a brewing feud with a neighbouring rancher, Sawyer’s duties as sheriff keeping the peace and bringing down outlaws, hunting his father’s killer, the brothers’ different personalities rubbing against each other, the family’s interactions, and of course, the developing romance between Sawyer and Rose. It’s pretty much non-stop action from start to finish.

This is the first book in The McCades of Cheyenne series. With four brothers, I suspect there will be more stories, with possibly second brother, Wyatt and Cheyenne’s doctor getting their story next. Altogether, Sawyer’s Rose is an exciting and enjoyable read, and recommended to readers of western historical romances.


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