Sarah Hammond is the overprotected daughter of passionate Massachusetts abolitionists. Matt Slade is the orphaned son of hardscrabble Texas settlers. Sarah knows about every Civil War battle from studying newspaper accounts. Matt fought in the bloodiest of them under Generals Longstreet and Lee. If Matt and Sarah ever crossed paths, it should have been for an unremarkable moment. He would tip his hat. She would nod and pass on by.

Except that as survivors of a Comanche attack, Matt and Sarah spend far more than a moment together. They come to know each other, depend on each other and love each other. Humiliated by Sarah’s love for “Rebel trash,” her jilted fiance extracts a revenge so vicious, he boasts that he destroyed the young lovers. Did he? Or when Matt and Sarah meet again years later, can they put their lives and their love back together?

RHL Classifications

Historical Romance

American Frontier

Heat Level 2

Review rating: 4.5 Stars


Twenty-two year-old Matt Slade has been falsely accused of murder and theft and is being taken to Fort Grissom for trial. Sarah Hammond, twenty years-old is on her way to Fort Grissom in the same wagon train to meet up with her fiancé Major Carter Macauley. When they are set upon by Comanches, only Matt and Sarah survive and they decide to make the arduous journey on foot to Fort Grissom, battling the hostile country, lack of food and water, as well as avoiding Comanches.

This is Ellen O’Connell’s second novel, and it’s a beautiful story. The love scenes are realistic between two young and virtually inexperienced people. Tender and sensual. The story is engrossing, with enough historical detail to add authenticity, without slowing down the pacing or upstaging the love story.

Set against the north/south divide of Antibellum America, two such different people as Matt and Sarah, would normally never have met, let alone loved. Sarah, the refined Bostonian, doing the right thing by marrying a suitable and proper man, but longing for more. And Matt, a Southerner, rough around the edges, but a man of principle.

Though a relatively new author with only three westerns to her name, Ellen O’Connell has quickly become my favourite historical western romance author usurping some of my long-time favourites. Sing My Name is an excellent historical western. Highly recommended.

E-book available for $2.99


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