When Lou travels to Scotland, she’s a mess. She’s twenty-six, unemployed, and unsure of herself. It doesn’t help that she’s traveling with Tammy, her best friend, who is everything Lou is not. At first, the trip pushes Lou towards the brink of depression, but then she meets Brian, a handsome local tour guide. When Brian tells the tourists about the countless witches burned in Scotland, Lou starts to listen. And when she discovers information about Isobel Key, one of the victims of the seventeenth century, Lou finds renewed purpose. She sets out to learn the truth of the condemned witch, but she isn’t prepared for the knowledge that waits for her. Lou must face her demons if she has any hope of righting the wrongs of the past.

RHFL Classifications

Contempory Romance with Historical Elements

17th Century Scotland, Present

Heat level:2

Reviewer Rating 4 stars


Lou has begun exploring the Neo Pagan faith, a dramatic shift from her wealthy  Catholic upbringing.  Despite her fears of being too “hocus pocusy”, Lou turns to her new faith as she struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Isobel Key.  But faith or not, Lou must face her demons if she has any hope of righting the wrongs of the past.

The Burning of Isobel Key is a story about a young woman, Lou, who quits her job in a bookstore because she is dissatisfied with it. Her roommate and best friend, Tammy, gets a chance to go to Scotland for her own job, her first client in advertising. Chance of a lifetime for both girls. While on a tour,Lou becomes interested in some history from the mid 1600’s. The side story is about a woman, Isobel Key who is burned as a witch. Lou decides with the help of Tammy and the tour bus driver Brian that she wants to exonerate Isobel Key somehow. With research she is able to piece the story together and find out something interesting about her own birth and exactly what happened to Isobel so long ago.

A story with the history of the witch trials, Scotland and Wicca and a bit of romance make for an interesting read. I enjoyed it immensely!


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