The Queen’s Pleasure by Brandy Purdy


Date of Release : July 1st, 2012


Accused of conspiring with rebels to steal the throne, Princess Elizabeth is relegated to the Tower of London by her half-sister, Queen Mary. There she finds solace in the arms of a fellow prisoner–her childhood friend, Robert Dudley. Certain their days are numbered, their bond deepens. But they are spared the axe and Elizabeth soon wins the crown, while Robert returns to his wife and the unhappy union he believes cheated him of his destiny to be king. . .As a daughter of Henry VIII and the ill-fated Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth knows firsthand the cruelty marriage belies and roundly rejects the many suitors eager to wed the “Virgin Queen”–with the exception of the power-hungry Robert. But her association with him will carry a risk that could shake the very foundations of the House of Tudor. . .

A captivating story of loyalty and betrayal, duty and freedom, The Queen’s Pleasure is a fascinating portrait of both the rise of Elizabeth I and one of the most compelling periods in history

Historical Tudor Era

Romantic Biographical Fiction

Heat Level: 2

Reviewer rating: 5


The Queen’s Pleasure is the fictional account of a real person, Amy Robisart.  Born in Norfolk, the heiress of farmer Sir John Robsart of Syderstone. She married Robert Dudley just before she turned 18, and they were both young and in love. Amy is best known for her untimely death of suspicious circumstances. 

Lady Jane Grey became Queen and after her rule of a fortnight as England’s queen, Robert Dudley was sentenced to death and imprisoned in the Tower of London. At the same time Princess Elizabeth, lifelong friend of Robert Dudley,was also imprisoned in the tower. Robert is eventually freed. With the accession of Elizabeth I to queen, she awarded Robert with the title, Master of the Horse, where he spent most of his time at court. Amy on the other hand was kept away from court which suited her fine at the time. This became increasingly hard on Amy and all she wanted was to spend time with  her husband and start a family. Robert had high hopes on becoming King of England and did whatever he could to achieve that goal, including wooing Elizabeth I. As time goes by Amy becomes more and more despondent with the feeling that her husband no longer loves her and her rival is the Queen of England.

Amy becomes ill with breast cancer and after she dies,there were rumors that Robert wanted her dead and that he had hired someone to poison Amy so he could continue his pursuit of Elizabeth and England. Elizabeth has decided to that she will never marry, including Robert. There different theories as to the what really happened and we all know that Elizabeth I was England’s Virgin Queen and that Robert Dudley died without achieving his goal of becoming King and had to live with the rumors that he caused his wife’s death.

I found Amy to be a very tragic figure and Robert to be a cad of the lowest form. Brandy Purdy tells the story of Amy in an intimate and honest way that I found appealing although at times I felt like giving Amy a swift kick in the backside and for her to tell her husband that enough was enough. In Medieval times though, husbands were rarely faithful to their wives and the main reasons for marriage was for their lands, money and property. I did not much like Robert in this book but I felt that in the end his reward was not being able to obtain his goals. 

As with all of Brandy’s books, I enjoyed this one very much and highly recommend it to the lover of Tudor history. It is always nice to get a different point of view, even though it is fiction of course.


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