The Thorn and the Thistle by Julie Moffett


 The Thorn and the Thistle

Published: January 28, 2013

Publisher’s Blurb:

Scotland, 1751

The MacLeods are a strong clan, united with their fellow Scots to resist English rule. But when their leader, the Black Wolf, is struck down in battle, it is up to his daughter to keep the rebellion alive. Megan knows she must act quickly or risk losing the fight for their ancestral lands. Desperate, she secretly assumes the Black Wolf’s mantle, fooling their enemies into thinking he’s still alive. If she can keep going for a bit longer, the clan’s future will be secure…

Rolf St. James has been sent by the king to settle the Scottish lands once and for all. He’s not about to let a woman get in his way, no matter how desirable he finds her. He must put aside his attraction and fulfill his duty to permanently quell the rebellion, regardless of the cost.

Rolf represents everything her father hated, everything she’s been fighting against. But as the days pass and Rolf’s code of honor reveals itself, Megan finds it’s not so easy to hate him anymore. Can she risk her people’s future for a chance at personal happiness?

Tags: Romance, Historical, Scotland

Time Frame: Scotland 1751

Heat Level: 1



4 years after the British have defeated the Scottish at Culloden Megan MacLeod finds herself the laird of her clan. Her father is dead, her brother is dead, and she’s in charge. She’s taken on the identity of her father as the Black Wolf and is raiding the English who have set up homes in her land.

Rolf St. James is friend to King George. He’s been sent to Scotland to find the Black Wolf and bring peace to the land. He’s determined to do the right thing and end the conflict. He finds the Scottish distrustful on the English and has an uphill battle.

This was a wonderful story filled with deceit, loyalty, battles, peace, romance, and distrust. Yes, I know that sounds contradictory but it was all in there! Megan distrusts Rolf and deceives him at every turn. She does it all in order to protect her clan. As she gets to know Rolf, she sees that he is an honorable man and stands by his promises. She’s spent so many years not trusting the English, that she can’t wrap her mind around it. She continues to not trust him and deceive him. Rolf only wants to bring the Black Wolf to justice and it kills him to that knowing it’s Megan’s dad he’s searching for. He knows it will kill her when he send her dad off to be executed for treason. Megan has accepted her fate and knows when Rolf finds out she’s the Black Wolf, she’ll be executed. She hopes to negotiate peace for her people before that happens.

Along the way, they fall in love. Megan knows it will destroy Rolf to send her to her execution. But he’s a loyal Englishman, so she knows he’ll do what he must. Just as she will.

I loved this book. I could not figure out how we were going to get an HEA out of it. Julie Moffett did a fantastic job of weaving a tale of deceit, loyalty and love. I also found the ending to be both heartbreaking and wonderful. It was endearing to have the Scottish clan rally around Megan and give her what she needed. Rolf was wonderful as well. He did his duty while protecting the Scottish people. This story is steeped in Scottish history and it provides a wonderful backdrop.

**At the time of the review, this book was available from Amazon for $4.99**


I am a happily married mother of three very busy children.  Most of my time is spent chauffeuring my kids to their various activities. I cram reading into any spare moment I have. Some days I can have an hour or two and others I’m sneaking in quick reads while waiting on the kids to finish their soccer or gymnastics practice. I like to read a wide variety of genres but I definitely prefer romance. I can’t really pinpoint a favorite author as it changes on a regular basis. I absolutely love finding new authors and giving their stories a chance to be heard. We all have a voice in our heads writing stories and those voices should be given a chance to be heard.


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  1. I saw this in Carina Press’s newsletter the other day and added it to my wishlist! I’m always looking for a new take on Scottish romances. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I may have to go ahead and treat myself to it!

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