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Release date January 21, 2013


A reluctant heiress resigned to her fate… Mary Elizabeth Edwardes has one of the largest fortune’s in England, but has no desire to leave her quiet country existence… and even less to acquire a husband she cannot choose for herself.

A dissolute nobleman bent on retribution… Trapped in a duplicitous existence since scandal destroyed his fortune and family name, Lord Hadley Blanchard has spent the better part of a decade posing as a disaffected exile while spying and seducing in the service of the English Crown.

A dangerous game of seduction, and intrigue… When summoned from abroad by a former lover, Lord Hadley perceives an opportunity for vengeance at last. By employing the full measure of his seductive charm, he woos the ward of the man who destroyed his life, little knowing that winning Mary’s fortune will mean risking his own treacherous heart.

RHL Classifications:

Historical Romance

Georgian Era

Heat Level 2.5

Reviewer rating: 4.5 stars


When Hadley’s father, the Earl of Blanchard died, he should have inherited the earl’s fortune and title. Ruined by the South Sea scandal, the late earl was used as a scapegoat, with Hadley consequently losing the right to his title, his lands sold. Over the next seven years, Hadley becomes involved in working for the Crown in exile. When an opportunity arises for him to return to England and perhaps reclaim his fortune he doesn’t hesitate. The loss of his heritage has seen him determined to recover what has been stolen.

Mary Elizabeth Edwardes at nineteen is a wealthy heiress. Her guardian deems it necessary for her to now marry and brings her to London to be introduced to society and arrange a suitable match. But Mary has no desire for an arranged marriage, nor inclination to leave her country estate in Leicester.

 Treacherous Temptations is Victoria Vane’s first full-length historical romance. Her previous novellas, especially her popular The Devil DeVere Series have been impressive and Treacherous Temptations is no exception. An innocent, country heiress and a worldly, impoverished aristocrat are brought together in this glorious Georgian that’s filled with romance, intrigue, adventure and villainy.

Hadley, once a feckless youth with little moral restraint has been tamed and molded by his time as a spy, into a cautious and discerning man. Mary is an unworldly, countrified young lady, who has the experience and ability to oversee her late father’s estates, but with little knowledge and even less experience in the ways of men and society.

Ms Vane introduces a number of forceful characters and convincing villains. None more so that the delightfully wicked and scheming shrew, Lady Barbara Blanchard, Hadley’s stepmother who has played a pivotal role in Hadley’s life and fortunes.

Victoria Vane’s meticulous research of the Georgian era yields her impressive results in this romance. With lush, flawless prose and a plot steeped in rich, historical details, Victoria Vane owns the Georgian era. Highly recommended.

** This title is available in e-book for $2.99 **


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