Unraveled by the Rebel (Secrets in Silk #2) by Michelle Willingham

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A spinster with a secret…

After being seduced and ruined by her worst enemy, Juliette Andrews has vowed to marry no man—especially not Dr. Paul Fraser, her childhood sweetheart. Content to bury herself in accounts and numbers, she refuses to let the devastatingly handsome Highlander back into her life.

A rebel with a cause…

Paul Fraser’s heart burns with the need for vengeance against the earl who executed his father and drove the Scots from their homes. But when he learns that his enemy hurt the woman he loves, Paul has sworn to destroy him.

Can Juliette overcome the darkness of her past in the arms of the man she once loved? Or will her secrets tear them apart?

Publisher and Release date: Montlake Romance, 3 September 2013

RHL Classifications

Time and Setting: 18th Century Scotland/Highlands
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 4 stars

Review By: Lizzie English

Juliette Andrews is from London but lives in the Scottish Highlands, who, as a girl, met Paul Fraser and fell in love with him. After an incident that sees Paul’s father hung for Paul’s crime he is sent away but Juliette doesn’t stop loving him. That is, until she is ruined by someone who she hates, when decides to cut off all feelings of Paul and vows never to marry. Juliette’s story is heartbreaking, the reader feels bad for her that she had her life all worked out and for something that isn’t her fault she blames herself and decides to lock herself away from love. Juliette also keeps a dark secret, one that only her Aunt knows. It’s revealed early on in the novel and doesn’t have much effect on the love of Paul and Juliette.

Paul Fraser is a doctor with a family secret. Paul was in love with Juliette before he was sent away to Edinburgh to save his life, and has remained in love with her ever since. Once he returns to his childhood home he wants to start the life he always wanted with Juliette, but she keeps him at arms’ length (as much as she can) telling him she can’t marry him anymore. He can’t understand why the woman he loves, and who was so full of life has changed in the year since they stopped writing to each other. It’s when Paul is told her secret that he resolves to find out who did it to her and win back her trust.

Paul and Juliette’s story is a rough one. Most of the time Juliette is contradictory in her actions, the classic saying no but the body is saying yes. She tries everything to get away from Paul, but he’s persistent, in the sweet “you know I would do anything for you” kind of way. That’s also how the reader finds out that Paul’s got a family secret.  With this, however, he is able to protect Juliette from her attacker because he has never stopped wanting her.  This is where the book starts to take a suspenseful turn, which you don’t see that often in historical romance novels but it’s lovely and enjoyable.

Overall, this book has everything. A heartbreaking childhood love, heartrending confessions of every kind. The heroine can be very annoying at times, especially when she’s trying to stay away from Paul. In fact, my only problem with the book was her constant sea-sawing about him. Paul’s actions could also be misconstrued as something awful, but in the end you have to remember that half of what happened to her he didn’t know.

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Lizzie English

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